Sperm donor Thomas

    “I know that children are a gift.”

    Why are you a sperm donor?

    “It’s because I have children and have experienced the great joy you get from having children in your life. I thought that it was a small thing for me to do, if I could help people who couldn’t have children to have the same experiences. That was my motivation.”

    What made you make the final decision?

    “It came about originally because of a long chat I had with my grandfather about being a decent person. I didn’t think I was a bad person, but I started to speculate that I could do more, and where I could make a difference. I realised this was one of the things where I could actually make a difference. I could actually help childless couples, so they could experience having children.”

    What do you as a sperm donor get out of helping people?

    “Well it’s just a great feeling being able to make a difference. Personally, I have some friends who have struggled with not being able to have children. It’s great knowing that there are people out there who you can help. It is a great feeling.”

    What would you say to other men, who are considering becoming sperm donors?

    “For me it was about making a difference. And the way I see it, it’s not as if I’m losing anything. I’m just helping other people. There are so many people out there, who don’t know their biological origins. The donor children, they get parents who really want them and who’ve had to struggle to get them. I think that must be the best starting point.”