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Choose the right sperm donor for your future child

In your search for a sperm donor, you must consider which donor type is right for you. As the world’s largest sperm bank, we offer a vast variety of donor profiles with basic or extended information and donors with or without the possibility of future contact.

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Father with child conceived with donor eggs from Cryos
Father with child conceived with donor eggs from Cryos
Father with child conceived with donor eggs from Cryos

We can help you find an egg donor too

Cryos is an international sperm and egg bank with departments in Denmark, Cyprus, and the US. From our sperm bank in Denmark we distribute frozen donor sperm, but if you are looking for donor eggs for fertility treatment, we can you help you too. Learn more about or egg bank options here.

My wife and I tried to have assisted pregnancy for nearly 5 years - all of them in vain. Then we decided to look for a donor. With the donation the treatment was successful and we received a very cute little princess in January 2020. We are sharing our story to express our warm feelings toward our donor and the sperm bank Cryos and to encourage more people to be open for this kind of help. We can’t express how happy we are. Thank you!


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Single mother by choice pregnant with donor sperm from Cryos sperm bank

We want to be a support for you on your journey towards parenthood. On our blog, we will guide you through all the elements of fertility treatment – before, during and after. You will find guides, news, articles and personal stories about everything from fertility and pregnancy to fertility treatment and how to buy donor sperm from a sperm bank.

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Cryos sperm donors – Find sperm donors in Cryos’ free Donor Search
Cryos sperm donors – Find sperm donors in Cryos’ free Donor Search
Cryos sperm donors – Find sperm donors in Cryos’ free Donor Search

Who are the donors

At Cryos, you will find the world’s largest selection of sperm donors. But who are the men that choose to donate sperm at Cryos and how do we select them? Learn about the process of becoming a sperm donor and get an idea of who the Cryos donors are.

No one said it'd be easy but looking into my daughter's eyes I feel I want to live, love and make this awesome human being happy. Thanks to our handsome donor, Cryos and the clinic for making this happen!

Single mother
Azerbaijan / US

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Let us help you on your journey towards parenthood 

Cryos Customer Care can help you find a sperm donor online
Cryos Customer Care can help you find a sperm donor online
Cryos Customer Care can help you find a sperm donor online

Cryos International Sperm Bank - Find sperm donors for fertility treatment

Welcome to Cryos International Sperm Bank. Here you get free of charge access to all donor profiles in our Sperm Donor Search. We have donors with a great variety of ethnicitiesraces and phenotypes. You can choose between Non-ID Release Donors and ID-Release Donors. You can also choose the level of information you want about your donor. Maybe you wish to see baby photos? And pictures of your sperm donor as an adultMaybe you only need basic information such as hair colour, eye colour and ethnicity? The choice is yours. 

Find the world's largest selection of sperm donors on our website

Compared to other sperm banks, we offer the world’s largest selection of sperm donors, and they are all available on our website. With more than 1.000 donors to choose from, you can find a sperm donor who matches the criteria that are important to you. For example, with regards to the level of education, interests, family history, motivation for donating and much more.    

Sperm bank with more than 30 years of experience 

Cryos has more than 30 years of experience as a sperm bank. It all began in 1981 in the town of Aarhus in Denmark. The founder, Ole Schou, had a strange dream about frozen sperm. Afterwards, he began to read everything about frozen spermSuddenly, Ole Schou had become one of the leading experts on the subject. With that knowledge, he was able to found the sperm bank Cryos and help singles and couples having the dream of a baby come true.  

Certified sperm bank with a strong focus on quality

We are certified in accordance with ISO 9001:2015 regarding quality management. This means that we follow international trusted standards to help ensure high quality and safety throughout the entire process – from the selection and screening of donors and up to delivering high-quality donor sperm for use in fertility treatment.

Donor sperm for fertility treatment worldwide

As an international sperm bank, Cryos delivers donor sperm for fertility treatment to more than 100 countries worldwide. From the UK to Germany, Japan and Mexico. Cryos customizes delivery specifically for your needs. This way, you can rest assured that the donor sperm from your preferred donor is delivered and ready for your fertility treatment.  

Cryos – Dreams do come true

At Cryos, we want to help all people have their dream of a baby come true. We believe in equal rights to fertility treatment for everyone regardless of sexual orientation and relationship status.  

Visit our Sperm Donor Search today and find the right donor to help you create the family you wish for.

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