Dreams do come true

Mother carrying beautiful daughter – a child with donor sperm from Cryos sperm bank
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My wife and I tried to have assisted pregnancy for nearly 5 years - all of them in vain. Then we decided to look for a donor. With the donation the treatment was successful and we received a very cute little princess in January 2020. We are sharing our story to express our warm feelings toward our donor and Cryos and to encourage more people to be open for this kind of help. We can’t express how happy we are. Thank you!


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Single mother by choice pregnant with donor sperm from Cryos sperm bank
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Who are the donors

At Cryos, you will find the world’s largest selection of sperm donors. But who are the men that choose to donate sperm at Cryos and how do we select them? Learn about the process of becoming a sperm donor and get an idea of who the Cryos donors are.

No one said it'd be easy but looking into my daughter's eyes I feel I want to live, love and make this awesome human being happy. Thanks to our handsome donor, Cryos and the clinic for making this happen!

Single mother
Azerbaijan / US
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Let us help you on your journey towards parenthood 

Cryos Customer Care can help you find a sperm donor online
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