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    Donor sperm for fertility treatment

    Using donor sperm is an option for singles and couples who dream of having a child but need a little help. Here, we will introduce you to the basics of donor sperm – who uses it, which treatment options exist, questions to ask yourself before deciding to use a donor, how to get started and more. 

    Healthy babies worldwide are conceived with the help of donor sperm and donor insemination
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    • The first successful pregnancy with frozen sperm was reported in 1953.
    • The sperm is thoroughly tested to make sure that the quality is good enough for a sperm donation. In these tests, we look at the concentration of sperm cells and the sperm cells’ ability to move.
    • A normal sperm count ranges from 15 to more than 200 million sperm cells per ml.
    • After the donation, the sperm is gradually cooled and stored in a nitrogen tank at -196 °C.
    • Freezing sperm is also known as cryopreservation. At these extremely low temperatures, there is no biological activity and therefore no microbes or bacteria can attack the sperm.
    • Donor sperm can be used for different types of fertility treatment, and these require different kinds of preparation of the sperm. The sperm is either frozen “raw”, containing all the natural fluids that are present in a normal ejaculation, or it is “washed” before freezing, which means that the natural ejaculate fluids are removed.
    • Frozen sperm does not degrade or age and is therefore considered to have no expiry date.
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    Donor sperm can be used for different types of fertility treatment to achieve pregnancy
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    Using donor insemination is an option if you experience fertility problems

    Important things to consider and questions to ask before deciding to use donor sperm

    • Using a donor to conceive may not have been your first choice, but it is a good option if you dream of having a child and need a donor to fulfil that dream. Even though you or your partner may not be genetically related to your child, you will be a parent. However, to some, it is important that there is a genetic relation, and you need to consider this
    • Do you prefer to use donor sperm from a person you know or from a sperm bank like Cryos?
    • Do you want to give your child the possibility to contact the donor in the future?
    • Consider how open you want to be about your choice. Who should know that your child is conceived with the help of a donor? And how much do you want them to know?
    • Will you tell your child about the donor and if yes, how?
    • Talk to family and friends about your thoughts - but remember that it is your decision and stand by your choice.
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    A mother with her child who is conceived with donor sperm
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