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    Sperm motility (MOT) and quality

    When you order donor sperm from Cryos, you are asked to choose the preferred motility (MOT) of the sperm. This is a matter of the sperm quality. Here you can learn more about motility and see our general recommendations for sperm motility in different fertility treatments.

    In fertility treatment with donor sperm, the sperm must be of very good quality to give the best chances of a pregnancy. That is why we thoroughly test every sperm donation and label all our sperm straws according to the sperm motility, which you can learn more about below.


    Cryos ensuring sperm straws with high sperm motility for fertility treatment

    What is sperm motility or MOT?

    Sperm motility, also called MOT, is one of the parameters that helps us measure the quality of the sperm. MOT is the amount of active sperm cells pr. milliliter sperm. This means that MOT20 sperm contains at least 20 million active sperm cells per milliliter sperm.

    Most of Cryos’ sperm straws contain 0.5 milliliter sperm. Therefore, if you buy a MOT20 sperm straw, you will get at least 10 million active sperm cells after thawing. Some straws contain 0.4 milliliter sperm and are offered with a 20 % discount.

    At Cryos, you can order sperm straws with MOT5, MOT10, MOT20 and MOT30+. This gives you the possibility of choosing the exact quality needed for your fertility treatment.

    Which type of sperm motility should I choose for my fertility treatment?

    Your choice of motility depends on the type of fertility treatment and your fertility clinic’s preference. Please consult your clinic regarding which MOT to choose for your personal treatment.

    Below you can see the general recommendations when choosing sperm motility:

    • For IUI treatment, we recommend using 1 MOT10 IUI straw per treatment.
      You can also use a straw with a higher or a lower motility.
    • For IVF or ICSI treatment, we recommend using 1 MOT5 IUI straw.
      However, sperm straws with higher motility can also be used for the purpose.
    • For ICI treatment, we recommend using 2 ICI MOT10 or 2 ICI MOT20 straw or higher per treatment. IUI straws can also be used.

    Follow the link, if you want to learn more about the difference between IUI or ICI sperm straws.

    How to measure sperm motility?

    There are several ways to measure sperm motility and quality. When we receive a sample in our laboratory, we look at:

    • The concentration of sperm cells
    • The sperm cells’ ability to move

    To ensure excellent sperm quality, we measure these parameters on a sample after it has been frozen and thawed as sperm may react differently to freezing. We measure the quality and motility of the sperm with the help of an automatic system called CASA (Computer Assisted Sperm Analysis), which ensures a very precise result.


    Cryos lab performing a sperm quality test to measure sperm motility

    Low sperm motility and chances of pregnancy

    As men’s sperm quality varies over time, we thoroughly analyse all sperm donations at Cryos. Only the ones with a motility of 5 or more will be available for purchase in our Sperm Donor Search.

    Men can temporarily experience low motility due to factors such as stress (e.g., during exam periods), illness, and over- or underweight, and studies suggest that about 20% of all men experience reduced sperm quality at some point.

    A low sperm motility does not mean that it is impossible to get pregnant using the man’s sperm, but in fertility treatment with donor sperm we want to give you the best possible chances of success. That is why we have high demands regarding the quality and motility of our donors sperm, and only men with a very high sperm quality will be accepted as donors at Cryos.

    All sperm donor candidates are asked to provide a preliminary sperm sample shortly after sending in their donor application, and only if their sperm quality proves to be excellent can they proceed in our sperm donor screening process.

    At Cryos we do our best to ensure high-quality donor sperm for your treatment, but there are also some things you can do yourself to improve your chances of success. Read our blog post about getting your body and mind ready for fertility treatment.

    What influences sperm motility and how do you improve it?

    Lifestyle choices are some of the important factors in maintaining high sperm motility. Things such as alcohol, smoking, and unhealthy food can influence the quality of the sperm negatively. Therefore you need to focus on a balanced and healthy diet in order to raise your level of sperm motility.

    A part of a healthy lifestyle is exercise. In relation to improvement in your motility, it is important to exercise the right amout. Over-exercising could decrease your sperm motility, which is why a moderate amout of exercise is recommended.

    Another important factor that can lower the motility is exposure of the testicles to heat. Saunas, hot tubs, solarium, and tight underwear can have a negative effect on the sperm and should be avoided in order to improve or maintain the sperm motility.

    It may take up to three months before a change in lifestyle visibly improves a man’s sperm quality. You can learn more about what causes male infertility and how to prevent it here.


    Would you like to have your sperm quality tested?

    If you are trying to conceive naturally, you might like to know the quality of your sperm or your partner’s sperm. You can have your sperm motility tested through a sperm quality test - also called a semen analysis. A semen analysis can be done at a fertility clinic or a sperm bank (at Cryos we offer this at our departments in Denmark).

    You will have to provide a semen sample, and a laboratory technician will then assess the motility and other parameters such as the total volume of the sample and the number of sperm cells per milliliter semen. In that way you can learn if your sperm is healthy.

    Next step in your journey towards parenthood

    We hope that the above has helped clarify the term sperm motility. As mentioned, we recommend that you talk to your fertility clinic about which motility to choose when you order donor sperm for fertility treatment.

    Once you are ready to proceed, you can visit our Sperm Donor Search or contact Cryos for personal guidance.

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