Lesbian parents

    Some need a helping hand in the process of becoming parents – for example, if you are two mothers to be. Here you can read about the options and things to consider when becoming parents as a lesbian couple.

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    Lesbian couple who have used a sperm donor to become two mothers
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    We would like to thank you and the donor so much for making us a family! The insemination worked on the second attempt and now we have the baby girl we have been dreaming of. I cannot put into words how much she fills our hearts and life with joy, love and happiness. I am so grateful for this little wonder! Again, thank you for your service, support and help!

    Liz, Lucy and baby

    We are thrilled and very proud to announce that on 28 October 2016 we welcomed into the world our wonderful baby daughter Helena. She is healthy, beautiful and truly extraordinary, and she has filled our home with joy and love. We would like to say thank you to Cryos for making this dream of ours a reality, and we wish to express our gratitude to the donor for his invaluable contribution to the growth of our family. Cryos has been professional, helpful and very well-organised, and we would recommend them to anyone. We wish the best of luck to all the hopeful moms and dads out there and keep our fingers crossed that they too can soon fulfil their dream of parenthood.

    Agnieszka and Magdalena
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