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    Working at Cryos

    Would you like to be a part of The Cryos Family? At Cryos, our jobs go beyond our titles. Every task that we complete contributes to making couples’ and singles’ dream of a baby come true. To us, it is personal.

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    “Meeting a candidate for a new position, I always look for people who have an understanding and care for the higher purpose of what we do at Cryos.”

    Peter Reeslev
    Peter Reeslev
    CEO, Cryos International
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    “I tend to say that I do not care where the good ideas come from, as long as we get good ideas and continuously develop. The people at Cryos are dedicated, responsible, and proactive in wanting to improve”

    Peter Reeslev
    CEO, Cryos International
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    • Cryos was established in 1987 by the young entrepreneur, Ole Schou.
    • Cryos is an international company with 6 different departments. Our headquarters is placed in Aarhus, Denmark.
    • We are currently comprised of 170 employees working across many functions, including Lab, IT, Logistics, Sales, Customer Care, Marketing, Business Intelligence, Finance, Project Management, HR, Quality, Legal and Genetics.