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5 articles about male fertility that you should read

By Cryos | 7/28/2021
Read these 5 articles about men's fertility and the causes of male fertility problems

How much do you know about men’s reproductive system? And do you know what lifestyle factors affect men’s fertility? Here we recommend 5 articles on our partner site All About Fertility that you should read to understand male fertility and potential problems.

To help create awareness about fertility and to foster an open dialogue for both men and women, Cryos has co-founded the online portal On this portal, you will find articles about everything you need to know about fertility and infertility.
Here we recommend five great articles that will provide you with the most important knowledge about men and fertility. We also provide you with a direct link to All About Fertility’s support forum for men. Here men can meet and chat about everything related to fertility and infertility.  

5 articles about men’s fertility

Male reproductive system – How does it all work?

This article gives you excellent insight into how it all works in the man’s body. The author Kevin McEleny, who is an expert in male fertility, explains what the testicles do, how sperms cells are produced in the body, what semen is, if small testicles equal fertility problems and more.

What causes male infertility?

If you have problems conceiving, there may be several explanations. In this article, you get an overview of the most common reasons for infertility. Luckily, some of the causes are things you can do something about.

By eating a healthy diet, men can improve their fertility

Lifestyle factors and male fertility – What you should know

Our lifestyle choices can have an impact on male fertility and the ability to produce healthy sperm cells. In this article, you can read what you should avoid and what you should do to improve your sperm quality. Did you for example know that your heated car seat can damage your sperm cells?

Erection and ejaculation: Getting sperm to the egg

It may seem like basic knowledge that a sperm meets the egg after ejaculation and this turns into a pregnancy. However, the male reproductive system is quite complex. In this article, male fertility expert Kevin McEleny explains erection and ejaculation as well as the problems that can hinder the process. He also explains how you can get tested if you have erection and ejaculation problems and what can be done about it.

Is men’s sperm quality and number getting worse?

Experts agree that 1 in 6 men have low sperm quality. However, they do not agree whether men’s sperm quality was better back in the days. This article explains why so many couples have fertility problems today – and suggests that it is probably not only due to the men’s low sperm quality.  

Do not forget to visit the online fertility support forum for men

On All About Fertility, you can join a support forum for men. The support group provides a kind place where men can speak to each other about fertility, infertility, and everything in between. You are free to start any conversation you like, or you can just read the conversations about interesting topics that other men have started.  
Join the online fertility support group for men here or read more about All About Fertility.