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5 great articles to read on All About Fertility

By Cryos | 3/26/2021
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All About Fertility is a new online portal with articles about everything from guides on female reproductive anatomy to advice for people who need help to have a child, and explanations of different treatment methods. Here we recommend 5 great articles to read on

To help create awareness about fertility and to foster an open dialogue for men and women, Cryos supports the online portal All About Fertility. We would like to introduce you to the website, so here we recommend five great articles that we think you might like.  

5 female fertility articles for you 


Does too much stress cause female infertility? 

Many women, who wish to become pregnant, worry that stress can cause female infertility. Maybe you have heard the sentence “just relax, and it will happen” from well-intended people more than once. In this article, a psychologist and fertility expert separates fact from fiction and gives you the true answer to the question whether stress is a factor for infertility. 

Women’s reproductive anatomy – A simple guide 

You probably know the basics about female anatomy and the “birds and the bees”. However, women’s reproductive system is pretty complex and fascinating. In this simple guide, you get to know how many eggs women are born with, what the cervix is and what it does, what size the ovaries are and much more. 

Embryo transfer – How it works step by step 

Embryo transfer is the process during an IVF treatment where your fertilized egg(s) gets inserted into the uterus. Many women fear this part of their treatment the most. Perhaps partly because they fear that it involves pain and partly because it is the final important step before knowing if a treatment cycle has worked. In this article, embryo transfer is explained step by step. Hopefully, you will feel well prepared for the procedure after reading it.  

Overcoming stigma to seek treatment for infertility 

Many women and couples wish to become pregnant but hesitate to take the first step and contact their fertility clinic. Some of the barriers may be that they still hope to get pregnant naturally, that they fear the process, or because they feel like the only one who needs treatment to have a baby. In this article, an expert gives you tips on how to overcome the fear of stigma and get started with fertility treatment.  

 Making sense of your hormone levels – What does it all mean? 

You have probably heard about the hormone estradiol and maybe even progesterone and FSH. But do you know all the female hormones and their functions in your body? If you are having fertility treatment, you will probably see laboratory results and get information about your hormone levels along the way. To know what it is all about, read this guide with simple explanations of the most important female hormones.  

Do not forget to visit the online fertility support group 

On All About Fertility, you can join a support group for women. The support group provides a kind place where women can speak to each other about fertility, infertility, and everything in between. You are free to start any conversation you would like, or you can just read the conversations about the interesting topics, that other women have started.  
Join the fertility support group for women here