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Single Mother by Choice

7 facts about single mothers by choice

A single mother taking a nap with her son and their dog

Today, a family can look much different than the traditional constellation of mum, dad, and children. Different family forms are emerging, and the number of single mothers by choice is increasing.

At Cryos, we are very proud and happy to help single mothers having their dream of a child come true. Here we have created Single Mother by Choice statistic from 300 single women that have accomplished their dream of a child, with the help of Cryos. The statistics are basis for 7 facts about Single Mothers by Choice that you can read in this blog post.

1. More than half of Cryos’ customers are single mothers by choice

You probably would not expect it, but most of the people who find a donor at Cryos are single women. To be more precise the statistics shows it is 54% of our customers. The rest of the people we help are lesbian couples and heterosexual couples experiencing problems with infertility.

Information about single mothers by choice from Cryos' survey

2. Most Single Mothers by Choice are between age 36 and 45

Another Single Mothers by CHoice statistic is that 78% of the single women we have asked, ordered sperm for their fertility treatment at age 36 to 45. It is well known through statistics that women’s fertility begins to decline at 30 and drops significantly at 35. This may explain why many women start their journey to become a solo mum right after turning 35 when the clock begins to tick.

However, it is better to start sooner than later. According to NHS, there may be additional implications of fertility treatment after 40.

 3. 61% was going to receive IUI with donor sperm at their fertility clinic

Most of the single mothers were hoping for an IUI success story at their fertility clinic. Exactly 61% ordered sperm for IUI treatment. Other methods that can be performed with donor sperm are IVF treatment and ICSI treatment (micro insemination). Since IUI is the most simple and cheap method to accomplsih success, many women start with this type of treatment. The choice of treatment depends on factors such as the woman’s age and previous history with fertility treatment.

90% of all single mothers by choice get help with babysitting from their family. Here a grandmother babysits her grandchild

4. A good support system and determination are the main factors for success

Our statistics shows that about 50% of the women think that a good support system is the main factor for making it work as a Single Mum by Choice. Statics shows that an IUI success story is not enough, most women need support from others too. However, It might not be so different from couples having a baby together. Most parents draw on grandparents and other family members to support them – especially with a newborn.

The second most important factor for success as a single mum is determination according to the women in this survey.

5. 90% of single mothers get help from their family

By far, the largest part of the single mothers says that they get help from their family to make it work as a single mother. The family helps with babysitting and homes chores. This confirms the importance of a good support system.

An example of this is the french solo mother Mam, who finds the time to go out on dates because of the support of her mother.

6. 1 out of 10 already have children

One of the finest Single Mother by Choice statistics are that 11% of the single women who picked a donor with Cryos have a child or children already. Approximately 1 in 3 of these siblings were donor-conceived children too.

Being a single mother does not mean that you can only have one child. If your economic situation allows it, and you have the necessary physical and mental energy, siblings can benefit a lot from each other.

At Cryos, it is possible to save sperm straws from the same donor for siblings in the future. This is a good option if you consider having a genetic sibling for your child.

11% of single mums by choice already have a child before ordering donor sperm with Cryos

7. They share advice with other Single Mothers by Choice

The Single Mothers by Choice, all have advice to share with other mums to be. Here you can read the four most popular advice the women gave in this survey:

  • Have a good support system
  • Lower your standards for housework
  • Find time for yourself
  • Ask other people for help

If you want to embark on the journey towards single parenthood, then follow the link to read more about the challenges single mothers to be face on their journey. You can also read a more personal story about single motherhood. Sarah Stirk is a Single Mother by Choice and works as a sports journalist, read her story here.

This article is written based on Cryos International Denmark’s private customer care survey 2020 (200-300 participants) and Family Dreams Facebook Group Survey December 2020 (10-52 participants). If you enjoyed this article, you may also find our article about lesbian mothers interesting.