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Donor-conceived children

Baby spam alert - See what gets us up in the morning

Cryos baby spam with baby pictures

What gets you up in the morning? At Cryos, it is the lovely pictures and letters we receive from parents all over the world when a little miracle has come into the world by the help of a sperm donor. Read along as we share some of the thankful letters and amazingly cute pictures we have received đź’™

My wife and I tried to have assisted pregnancy for nearly 5 years (7 attempts) - all of them in vain. Then we decided to look for a donor.  With the donation the treatment was successful and we received a very cute little princess in January 2020. We are sharing our story to express our warm feelings toward our donor and Cryos and to encourage more people to be open for this kind of help. We can’t express how happy we are. Thank you, thank you, thank you!


Little Aimée Elle came into the world on December 12th. She was welcomed on the first snowy day in Ticino. She is healthy, lively, very sweet. I think Aimée is a small miracle (…). Thank you very much for your valuable help and support.


Words cannot describe the pride, joy and love we feel since our baby boy came to our lives in August 2016. The unconditional love we feel holding this tiny, dependent person who already has his own character is so much greater than life itself!    We will always be thankful to our donor. Not knowing us, but to be so unselfish to make sure we (and others) are able to welcome the greatest gift of life. Making sure to thoroughly describe himself and his relatives so we know just a bit, being able to be honest to our newborn when he starts asking questions in a few years’ time. And last but not least the great guidance and thinking along of Cryos by making it all possible! Thank you to you all...

The Netherlands

Thank you to Cryos and to my lovely donor for the beautiful gift of my daughter, Freya. I am so grateful to you for helping me achieve my dream of being a mum. As a single woman, it would have been impossible without your help. Your service was impeccable and everyone has been so friendly and helpful at a life-changing time for me when I naturally had a lot on my mind. The level of information in the extended profiles is fantastic and the charges are fair compared to other banks that I approached. I would recommend Cryos to anybody in need of a donor. To any single ladies thinking of taking the plunge, don't hesitate, just get on with it! Freya has completed my life and brought such joy to my parents and sister.


We are a same-sex couple from the UK and have always dreamed of having a family. After just two attempts using a Cryos donor, we fell pregnant with our little boy and were over the moon. The pregnancy was amazing and we welcomed Jensen into the world in July 2018. He is the happiest, healthiest little guy and we couldn’t be happier. Next year we plan on using the same donor to give Jensen a little brother or sister! We can’t wait to do it all again.


Dear Cryos team and dear donor, on March 14th, 2018 we became happy parents of a healthy and beautiful daughter. She puts a smile on our face every day. She is perfect. After a long wait, she is finally with us and we enjoy every day. Thank you very much for the long-term and always courteous care by the staff. Most of all, we thank the donor who has given us our greatest wish. We will be grateful to him forever. Just a big THANK YOU.

Clarissa & Michaela

If you are about to start your journey towards parenthood with a donor, we would love to help you. Reach out to us if you want us to help you get started.