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Choosing a sperm donor – Webinar with Single Mum Coach and Cryos

By Cryos | 9/10/2019
Choosing a sperm donor webinar with single mum coach and Cryos

How to go about choosing a sperm donor for fertility treatment? In this webinar, Single Mum Coach and blogger at The Stork and I, Mel Johnson, and a Customer Care Consultant from Cryos will walk you through the process of choosing a sperm donor and ordering donor sperm for fertility treatment. In the video you will get specific advice on what to consider, to make the decision easier for you.

The webinar is focused on Single Mothers by Choice and fertility treatment with donor sperm in the UK, but everyone can get valuable insights from the webinar.

Below you can watch the webinar and read some of the important takeaways.

If you are at the beginning of the journey and need to get donor sperm for fertility treatment – how does it work?

We have a large selection of donors, and the first step would be to create an account on our website and start browsing through the profiles. It can be a bit overwhelming at first, and it is a very different experience for everyone. Some people want to know as much as possible and other people are okay with knowing just the basic facts like hair colour, height, education and so on. We have profiles that fit all needs.

You can start out by making a wish list of what is important for you and decide how to go about making a shortlist.

Do all donors have the same level of information available?

All countries have their own legislation with regards to donor sperm. That is the number one thing to know. So if you are in the UK, you will only look at ID Release donors that are UK compliant. You can choose only to look at donors that are UK compliant in the donor search. Within the selection of ID Release donors, we have Basic sperm donor Profiles. They have basic information about the donor such as hair and eye colour, height and educational level. Then we have Extended sperm donor Profiles which have pictures of the donor as a baby, family history, the donor’s interests, a written note from the donor, emotional intelligence test and audio. We also have a feature for you to see sperm donor pictures of the donors as adults.

What sperm motility should you go for?

Sperm motility is the number of active sperm cells per millilitre, so motility 5 means that there are 5 million active sperm cells per millilitre. We have a wide range – motility 5, 10, 20, 30 and 50+. For most treatments, motility 10 or 20 is enough but you can always go higher if you wish to. It also depends on how much you want to spend - the higher motility the higher the cost.

Is there any difference in what type of donor sperm you should choose for treatment with IUI or IVF?

It depends on what the fertility clinic recommends. For most treatments, an IUI ready motility 10 is probably enough. Some clinics may request motility 20 or higher motility of an ICI straw (unwashed) if the clinic does their own preparation of the sperm. You should also ask your clinic how many straws they would like. It is important to follow the clinic’s recommendation because it depends on how the clinic wants to prepare the straws.

How do you order and how long does it take?

You go online and select the straws you need. Then you select a shipping method, if you want to know how we are shipping donor sperm click here. We have four different shipping methods, and the choice depends on, how long the straws should be kept frozen for. A dry ice box keeps it frozen for 3 days, a large dry ice box keeps it for 5 days, a nitrogen tank keeps it for 7 days and a large nitrogen tank keeps it frozen for 12 days. Most clinics in the UK only accept shipment with nitrogen tanks, so you need to check that with your clinic or with Cryos.

We need to receive an order before 12 noon for shipment that same day. However, if you order to the UK, we need more time than that because we need to compile the paperwork for the donor, and the clinic has to review the documents. We need two or three days to do that. Once we have that in place, it takes one to two days to deliver to most places in the UK.

Can you order donor sperm in advance?

You can place an order up to four weeks in advance. If it is more than four weeks in advance, you need to reserve donor sperm, and when the time comes, you can log in to your account and request the shipment.


If you have any questions, you are always welcome to contact Cryos Customer Care - we are here to help you in the process.