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5 common challenges for single mothers to be

Single mother by choice talking to her child

At Cryos, we support all family forms, and we believe that anyone should be able to fulfil their dream of having a child. Fortunately, we have come a long way in terms of accepting different family forms and giving single women the possibility of becoming parents. However, some single women still face challenges on their way to motherhood. Here are some of the most frequent challenges and how to address them.

1. Access to fertility treatment as a single woman

In some countries, single women can be denied fertility treatment with donor sperm by fertility clinics, because they continue to believe in the traditional family forms. More than half of the customers at Cryos are single mothers to be. As a result of that, we have a lot of knowledge about clinics in many different countries, and we would be happy to guide you towards a fertility clinic that can get you the treatment and service you wish for. If you need advice on which fertility clinic to choose, please book a call with one of our Customer Care Consultants.

If your country does not allow single women to receive IVF or other fertility treatments, you might consider other options, such as travelling abroad (also called fertility tourism).

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2. The well-being of children raised by single mothers

One of the most common challenges faced by Single Mothers by Choice is concerns regarding the well-being of their children. Some people mistakenly assume that children raised by single mothers do not thrive without a father. However, research by Susan Golombok, Professor of Family Research and Director of the Centre for Family Research at the University of Cambridge, has shown that this is not the case. Children can thrive in all types of families as long as love and acceptance are present. The key to a child's well-being is not the presence of a mother and father, but rather the quality of the relationship between the child and its parent(s).

3. Social stigma

As a single mother, you may face social stigma. Many people still believe that the traditional family form with a mother and a father is the only option when creating a family, which can result in discrimination or judgment. It can be emotionally draining to handle the stigma, but it is important to remember that your child was conceived out of love and being a single parent gives you the equal option of providing your child with a great childhood just like everyone else.

Single mother by choice and her two children

4. Relying on help from others

Being a Single Mother by Choice is hard work and it is often said that you need a village to raise a child. Many of the single mothers we have talked to recognise this and are reliant on support from their friends and family to help during the week. Below, you can read stories from Single Mothers by Choice and how the support from their friends and family has helped them:

If you are about to enter single motherhood and want advice or support from women in the same situation as you, feel free to join our Facebook group Family Dreams, where you can connect and receive support from other single mothers.

5. Financial challenges

Children are expensive and many single mothers to be have been saving up for years before embarking on the journey towards motherhood. Others may choose to take control of their finances by limiting the money they use. One way to take control of your financial situation is to focus on secondhand clothes and equipment or to create weekly meal plans to make sure that your waste is minimised. Gaining control over your financial situation instead of letting it control you makes it easier for you to relax and have fun spending time with your child.

Become a single parent with help from Cryos

At Cryos we offer donor sperm for women wanting to become Single Mothers by Choice. You can visit our free donor search to find a sperm donor. Contact our Customer Care Team to get personal guidance and learn more about your options. If you are about to start your journey towards motherhood and need help choosing the right sperm donor, please follow the link.