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Cryos´ first egg bank in Europe

Employees talking at Cryos´ first European egg bank

At Cryos, we help create lives and wishes to give everybody an opportunity to fulfil their dream of a child. This has been our vision from the very beginning, and therefore we have now opened our first egg bank in Europe. Read on to learn more about our reasons for opening the egg bank, as well as why it is located in Cyprus and how it is possible for you to acquire donor eggs.

The reasons for opening the egg bank

As an international company that already supplies frozen donor sperm to more than 100 countries worldwide, it is natural for Cryos to expand and enter the world of donor eggs and help even more people on their way to achieving the dream of a child.

The Cryos egg bank in Cyprus is our first egg bank in Europe, but not in the history of the company. In 2015 we started a fully independent egg bank in the United States.

Why did we choose Cyprus?

Before we settled on Cyprus, we considered a few other destinations and countries around Europe. The infrastructure in Cyprus was vital to our decision since it was perfect for our demands. Besides the infrastructure, Cyprus is working under the demands and regulations of the EU cell and tissue directive. This was also an important factor, as we want to maintain the high standards, we have had regarding our sperm donors.

In the video below, Director of European Operations at Cryos, Saghar Kasiri, explains our decision to open an egg bank in Cyprus and how we intend to maintain our high quality in gamete donors.

Who are the donor eggs for?

Most people dream of having children, and luckily most people get the opportunity to do so in a natural way. But for women experiencing infertility and gay men, the dream of a child requires a bit more help than for others. For gay men or transgender persons, third party reproduction, like donor eggs, is a great opportunity for the parents to have a genetic relation to their child. For heterosexual couples experiencing infertility caused by issues in the woman´s reproductive system, fertility treatment with donor eggs is an option that provides a genetic relation between the child and the father, and at the same time gives the mother the opportunity to carry the child herself. 

Infertility, male or female, can be a tough experience. If you want to read our blog post on how to cope with infertility, follow the link or visit the site All about Fertility with support forums for both men and women struggling with fertility.

If you are interested in donor eggs or in the Cryos egg bank in general, you can read more by clicking on the button below.

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