PrivateBlogCryos webinar series – Key knowledge for your fertility journey

Cryos webinar series – Key knowledge for your fertility journey

Cryos webinar series – Key knowledge for your fertility journey

Fertility journeys can differ greatly from one another. For some, the fertility journey is a long and sometimes difficult process, while others get pregnant right away. All journeys are different and so is the need for information and the questions that follow.

At Cryos, our most important job is to support you on your fertility journey. We believe that information is key, as it helps you become well-informed and comfortable to make necessary decisions throughout your entire journey. Therefore, we will launch the first ever Cryos webinar series that will help explain the different stages of your fertility journey and support you all the way from fertility treatment to parenthood. 

Why watch? 

No matter where you are on the journey, we will make sure to have a webinar that is relevant for you.  
Maybe you are considering which fertility treatment is the most suitable for you? Maybe you are in the process of searching for the right sperm donor? Or maybe you are thinking about the best way to explain to your child about donor conception
These stages, and many others, are all covered by the Cryos webinar series.  

The first five webinars are ready to watch!  

You already have the opportunity now to watch the first five webinars! The other webinars will be launched continuously throughout 2022.  

Webinar 1: Facts about fertility and how to improve it  

Lifestyle can affect your chance of becoming pregnant. It can affect both men and women and often good sperm and egg quality goes hand in hand with the lifestyle choices we all make every day. But what exactly is it in our lifestyle that affects our fertility? And how can you protect it?  
In this webinar Saghar Kasiri will investigate both male and female fertility and explain what fertility and infertility is, how to increase the chances of natural pregnancy, what is good sperm quality, how to understand your menstrual cycle and ovulation and much more.  
Saghar Kasiri has a background in Clinical Embryology and over 25 years’ experience working in the fertility field. Saghar now works as the Director of European Operations at Cryos International.  
Watch the webinar here: 

Webinar 2: ICI, IUI, IVF and ICSI explained

When we look at artificial reproduction technology (ART), we quickly learn that there are 4 different fertility treatments: ICI treatment, IUI treatment, IVF treatment and ICSI treatment. All with the same purpose of helping the sperm cell reach the egg.

In this webinar we will review the four different treatments. How do they differ from each other? How do they work? Advantages and maybe disadvantages? In the webinar we will also explain the indications for fertility treatment and the examinations prior to the treatment. Furthermore, we will also briefly explain about hormone stimulation and egg retrieval that is often a part of fertility treatment as well.  
The webinar will be presented by employees at Cryos who have a background in embryology and/or specializes in women's reproductive health.  
Watch the webinar here: 

Webinar 3: How will fertility treatment affect my body and mind? 

Trying to get pregnant can be an overwhelming and frustrating process – especially after many failed attempts. For many people the process may risk overshadowing every other aspect of their life and the process can quickly become all-consuming.  
In this webinar, Freedom Fertility Specialist, Natalie Silverman, will share her fertility journey and will investigate how fertility treatment affects your mind and how your mind affects your body. She will provide useful tools on how to balance fertility treatment and life.  
The webinar also includes a Q&A with the following questions and many more: 

  • Is stress bad for your fertility treatment? 
  • Is it best to be open about being in fertility treatment or should you keep it to yourself?  
  • How do you deal with your workplace?
  • 3 tips to someone who is about to start fertility treatment 

Watch the webinar here: 

Webinar 4: How to choose a sperm donor

At Cryos, we have the world’s largest selection of sperm donors. The large selection is great, but we also know that it can feel a bit overwhelming to begin with.

In this webinar, Beatrice guides you through the most important things to consider when choosing a sperm donor, like the amount of information accesible on the Sperm Donor Profile and whether the donor is an ID Release or Non-ID Release Sperm Donor. In the second half of the webinar, Beatrice talks to couple and content creators Megan and Whitney Bacon-Evans and Eloise Edington, founder and editor of Fertility Help Hub about their thoughts and considerations when they faced the process of choosing a sperm donor.

Beatrice is a Sales and Customer Care Consultant at Cryos and has years of experience with consulting Cryos’ customers in their process of choosing a sperm donor.

Watch the webinar here:

Webinar 5: How to order donor sperm

When you have chosen the perfect sperm donor, it is time for you to order the donor sperm and have it shipped to your fertility clinic.

In this webinar, Beatrice guides you through the different steps when ordering donor sperm. Some of the steps Beatrice talks about is how much it sperm it takes to become pregnant, the type of sperm motility to choose and whether you need to have an Quota Reservation or not.

During the webinar, you will also learn the reasons for choosing a certain type of motility and amount of sperm, when Bjørn from our laboratory joins Beatrice.

Watch the webinar here:

We will update the blog continuously, when new and enlightening webinars get launched. So, stay tuned. If you are interested in other news from Cryos, feel free to visit our news and press releases for alle the new updates.
If you have any questions after you have watched a webinar, please feel free to contact us and we are ready to help you with any questions you might have: [email protected] or +45 8676 0699.
We hope you will find the webinars useful on your fertility journey, wherever it may lead you.