PrivateBlogDiet and pregnancy – What can I eat and what should I avoid?

Diet and pregnancy – What can I eat and what should I avoid?

By Cryos | 5/17/2021
Diet and pregnancy - advice for what to eat and what to avoid if you are pregnant

When you get pregnant, you will probably learn as one of the first things that there are certain types of food you should avoid or limit. While this can seem frustrating, there are luckily more things you can and should eat. Here Cryos’ midwife Julie explains exactly what you can eat and what you should avoid when you are pregnant.

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Graph showing weight gain and distribution of extra weight during pregnancy

Source: Danish Health Authority

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Rye bread with salmon is a healthy meal if you are pregnant

Rye bread with avocado and salmon is a healthy meal when you are pregnant.

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You should not drink more than three cups of coffee a day during your pregnancy

You should reduce your coffee intake during pregnancy.

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My name is Julie, and I am a trained midwife working at Cryos Customer Care. I have been a midwife for 6 years and have experience from many different maternity wards, including a stay in Uganda. I provide Cryos’ blog with expert knowledge about fertility, pregnancy and birth. I hope to bring you a step closer to make your dream of having a baby come true.