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Fertility Expert: Why more people have infertility problems

By Cryos | 9/5/2019
Infertile couple holding hands - more people have infertility problems

According to WHO, 15% of people who want to create a family seek help due to infertility. In this post, Saghar Kasiri, Fertility Expert and Director of European Operations at Cryos explains why more people have fertility problems today. She also talks about why it is so important that young people become more aware of the factors that affect their reproductive health.

Lifestyle choices that affect our fertility

“The lifestyle choices that we make plus the fact that more young women and men are delaying parenthood seem to be having a huge impact on their fertility in the future. There is a lot of research out there that shows that the lifestyle choices that we make at a young age can impact our fertility. For example, smoking, drinking alcohol and sexually transmitted diseases. The research shows that in younger generations, around 15 to 21 years, these are all on a rise. And therefore, all of these factors can impact our capability of being able to have a child in the future.”

50% of infertility issues are male-related

“Infertility issues are not just female related. They affect men as well. Around 50% of cases of infertility are male related. With women, the age is very crucial. The biological clock is ticking. For men, it is the same – perhaps not as strong as for women. The quality and the production of men's sperm also reduces with age and reduces with not taking control of the lifestyle choices that they make. Lifestyle choices affects sperm motility in men and lifestyle is often a decisive factor in cases of men suffering with low sperm motility.”

Cryos raises awareness to help future generations

“Cryos is a well-known sperm and egg bank. Our mission is to help couples and singles who want to have children to make their dream come true. Now, whether that is by providing the best quality sperm and eggs that we have available - or whether that is to raise fertility awareness amongst the youngsters. This is our mission and as a result of this, we hope that helping the next generation to have better fertility in the future will help our future patients too.”

Some people will need sperm or egg donation

“Inevitably we have patients that would need treatment with donor sperm or egg donation. Either because they have congenital diseases they pass on to their children, they have genetic diseases that make them infertile, or they have had cancer treatment and they are not able to produce their own eggs or sperm. Regardless of them being a single woman, a same-sex couple or a heterosexual couple. These patients will need help in the future – potentially by using donor sperm or donor eggs.”

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