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How much donor sperm should you order? See Cryos' recommendations

By Cryos | 3/7/2018
How much donor sperm should you order

Buying donor sperm for fertility treatment can seem like a jungle to navigate in. There are many factors to consider when purchasing donor sperm. One of the questions we are asked often is how much sperm is needed for fertility treatment. Here we share our recommendations for four types of fertility treatment.

How much sperm you need depends on your treatment

The number and type of sperm motility straws you should order depends on the type of fertility treatment you will have. Here you can see our recommendations for IUI treatment, IVF treatment, ICSI treatment and ICI treatment. Nevertheless, we always recommend consulting your fertility clinic about which type of straw you should purchase. They may have different recommendations depending on their preference.

How much sperm should I order for fertility treatment – Cryos recommends

  • IUI: 1 x IUI straw MOT10 or higher
  • IVF: 1 x IUI straw MOT5 or higher
  • ICSI: 1 x IUI straw MOT5 or higher
  • ICI: 2 x ICI or IUI straws MOT10

IUI treatment with donor sperm

In most cases, fertility treatment with donor sperm is intrauterine insemination – also called IUI. For IUI, a catheter is used to insert sperm directly into the uterus.

We recommend ordering IUI straws for IUI treatment. You can use 1 x IUI straw MOT10 but you can also use 1 x IUI straw MOT5, MOT20 or higher. If your fertility clinic prefers to prepare the sperm at their premises, you can also choose ICI straws. If you order ICI straws, we recommend the following options per treatment: 2 x ICI straws with MOT10 or 1 x ICI straw with MOT20.

Here you can read about the difference between ICI and IUI sperm straws.

IVF treatment with donor sperm

In IVF treatment, eggs are extracted from the ovaries and fertilized with sperm in a laboratory.

For IVF treatment we recommend using 1 x IUI straw MOT5 but you can also use 1 x MOT10 straw or higher.

Like with IUI treatment, some clinics have other preferences and they might choose ICI straws over IUI straws. An advantage with ICI straws is that they are less expensive than IUI straws. You should discuss the choice with your clinic.

ICSI treatment with donor sperm

ICSI treatment is a variation of IVF treatment where eggs are extracted from the ovaries and a single sperm cell is inserted into each egg in a laboratory.

For this type of treatment 1 x IUI straw MOT5 is sufficient, and you can use both IUI and ICI straws.

ICI treatment with donor sperm

ICI treatment means intracervical insemination and is the most simple treatment with donor sperm. With this form of treatment, sperm is placed in the vagina similar to normal intercourse.

For ICI treatment, you can use 2 x IUI or ICI straws MOT10. You can also use straws with a higher MOT. However, we do not recommend MOT5 straws for ICI treatment.

A customer has ordered donor sperm and Cryos is packing the straws is a nitrogen tank

Remember to reserve straws for siblings

When you buy donor sperm for fertility treatment, we recommend that you reserve donor sperm from your chosen donor for your entire treatment. Most people will need more than one treatment before they become pregnant.

We also recommend reserving straws to use in the future if you wish to have genetic siblings for your child. Most people want to use the same donor for siblings, and by reserving straws, you are secured straws from that same donor.

Ask you fertility clinic

The main takeaway from this is that clinics may have different preferences and therefore, it is always a good idea to talk to your clinic before placing your order.

We hope that the article was helpful. If you have more questions before you order from our Sperm Donor Search, you are always welcome to contact Cryos’ Customer Care. We are ready to guide you.