PrivateBlogMiscarriage – what it is and how to cope with it if it happens to you
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Miscarriage – what it is and how to cope with it if it happens to you

By Cryos | 7/12/2021
It is important to talk to your partner, family or friends when you experience a miscarriage

Approximately 15% of all detected pregnancies end in a miscarriage and most of them happen within the first 12 weeks of pregnancy. If you are in fertility treatment with either IVF or ICSI, the chances of miscarriage are higher – when in treatment the chances are about 15-30% of having a miscarriage. This may be because the average age of IVF patients is also higher.

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Couple grieving over a miscarriage
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After a miscarriage it is possible to get pregnant during the following cycle
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