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How is the mother-child relationship in Single Mother by Choice families?

By Cryos | 6/12/2019
How are single mother by choice families doing - research by an expert

Susan Golombok is a researcher at the Center for Family Research at The University of Cambridge. She has studied the relationship between mothers and children in families created by Single Mothers by Choice. Below, you can read and watch an interview where Susan Golombok shares the findings from her studies.  

More women choose to become Single Mother by Choice today. For most women, this decision requires many thoughts and considerations; For example, is one parent good enough for my child? Will I be able to provide the child with all he or she needs? Will I get support from family and friends?

How is the relationship between Single Mothers by Choice and the children?

"At the Center for Family Research, The University of Cambridge, we have been studying mother-child relationships in families created by Single Mothers by Choice. We have been looking at the quality of parenting and the mothers' offer to the children. What we found is that actually, these families are very well functioning. Mothers and children have very good relationships with each other. In terms of what is important for children's wellbeing when they are brought up by a single mother is really the same as for children brought up by two parents.

What are the potential obstacles in parenting?

So what we found in our research is that there were two main predictors of greater problems for the children. One was financial difficulties in the family, and the other was the parents feeling very stressed about parenting. Often because they were trying to juggle too many different roles.

Why do women become Single Mothers by Choice?

There is often this misconception that women are delaying childbirth, and that is why they end up having children on their own because they are trying to develop their careers. There may be a little truth in that, but actually, research has shown that it has more to do with their partners not wanting to commit to having children. So unless men change in their behaviour, then this is something that will probably continue." 

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