PrivateBlog15 myths about pregnancy and birth – The midwife explains

15 myths about pregnancy and birth – The midwife explains

By Cryos | 6/14/2021
A midwife explains 15 myths about pregnancy and birth

Once you announce your pregnancy, you can expect to get advice and tips from many people in your circle of friends and family. Most are well-meaning but it can be difficult to know which advice is good and which is not. Our midwife Julie has made a list of the most well-known myths about pregnancy and childbirth.

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Having your legs up after sex does not help you get pregnant faster

No studies have been able to show any connection between sex positions and chances of pregnancy.

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Midwife explains that creams and oils have no effect on stretch marks

Stretch marks are genetically determined and there are no effective remedies to prevent them.

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The eyes of newborn babies appear blue because there is no color on the retina

The pigment that gives the colour of the eye is not formed at birth. Therefore, all newborn babies appear to have blue eyes.

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“My name is Julie, and I am a trained midwife working at Cryos Customer Care. I have been a midwife for 6 years and have experience from many different maternity wards, including a stay in Uganda. I provide Cryos’ blog with expert knowledge about fertility, pregnancy and birth. I hope to bring you a step closer to make your dream of having a baby come true.”