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Ole Schou’s 30 years with sperm

By Cryos | 12/21/2017
Ole Schou, Founder of Cryos International

In 1981, a 27-year-old man woke up after a strange dream about frozen sperm. The man was Ole Schou, who would later become the founder of the world’s largest sperm bank, Cryos. At the end of 2017, after 30 years, Ole Schou resigned as the CEO of Cryos and passed on the responsibility to Peter Reeslev as the new CEO.

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News paper articles with Cryos' founder Ole Schou

Many articles have been published about Cryos and Ole Schou during the years.

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Sperm cells in microscope

Sperm cells seen in a microscope.

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Cryos donor children.

Cryos has helped thousands of women have their dream of a baby come true during the past 30 years.

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Cryos International sperm bank logo on wall