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Get access to photos of selected sperm donors as adults

On Cryos' website you can see pictures of sperm donors as adults

Are you in the process of searching for a sperm donor? And do you want as much information about the sperm donor as possible? Getting access to photos of the sperm donors might be the right option for you, then.

Why get access to photos of sperm donors as adults?

As the first sperm bank in Europe, we want to provide you with the opportunity to get access to sperm donor pictures of the donors as adults. This adds an extra dimension to your search for the perfect donor.

We know that for many people, a lot of information about the sperm donor is important. The information helps them to choose the right donor. This is why we now offer you to see both childhood and Adult Photos of the donors. With Adult Photos, you can get a more comprehensive idea of who your sperm donor is and the potential characteristics of your future child. We hope that this will make your decision easier.

Sperm donor with picture of him as adult

Why some of our customers chose to see Adult Photos of their donor

"The photos of the donors as children are a plus, but the photos of the donors as adults give you a more concrete and real impression. It brought me a personal feeling, which I think is also important in this particular choice. In addition, I personally want to be able to provide as much information as possible to my future child, if it comes to be important for her later. 

And then in life, it is normal to choose your partner, so why should it be different for this important choice?"

Marie, France

"I chose Cryos because of the option to purchase ID Release donors with photos of themselves as adults. For me, donor images are very important. The choice of donor depended on the photos. Also, my child can have pictures of the donor before the age of 18."  

Anonymous customer

"The access to adult photos that Cryos offered was instrumental in helping us choose our donor. My wife and I feel entirely confident in our decision. Without adult photos, we would still be unsure. Cryos are unmatched when it comes to donor access." 

Liv, UK 

"The option of adult photos was incredibly important in my search for a donor. I was disheartened by how few sites even offer the option of adult photos - a lot of them being blurry headshots. Cryos' platform clearly stood out as offering a well-rounded profile of donors. The photos are professionally done and help to give a sense of the donors' personality - in how they hold themselves and engage with the camera. I wish more sites offered these types of photos but thankfully Cryos does!" 

/Phoebe, Canada 

Getting access to see the donor pictures

Donors with Adult Photos have 5-6 adult photos attached to their Extended Profile. Only selected donors have photos of them as adults as part of their sperm donor profile. These donors have a golden mark in the Sperm Donor Search. See example below:

Adult photo access at Cryos website

In the Donor Search, you can choose to only see donors with Adult Photos. Just select "Adult Photos" as a filter, tick ‘Yes’ and press "View". Then only donors with adult photos will show in the Donor Search.

Filter to see adult photos of sperm donors on Cryos website

By clicking on the donor profiles, you can listen to an audio recording of the donor’s voice, see childhood photos, read a Q&A with the donor and our staff impression. Last but not least you can study the donor’s Emotional Intelligence Profile (EQ). This is all free of charge. To see Adult Photos of the donors, you must purchase access. This can be done under a donor's profile in the Sperm Donor Search. If you want to see all sperm donor prices, then follow the link to our Pricing Page.

New donors with pictures will continuously be added to the website, so stay tuned.

You can learn more about sperm donor photos of our donors as adults here or read our blog post about choosing a sperm donor – what to think about?


Please note that the men in the photos are not Cryos donors.