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Podcast recommendations for lesbian parents

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Like any other parents, lesbian couples will face parental challenges when raising a child. Besides the common hurdles in parenthood, which can be exhausting for any parent, lesbian couples may also have to deal with challenges caused by the social stigma surrounding sexuality in our society. We have gathered seven podcast recommendations with guidance and advice for lesbian mothers - both future and present.

Because of the stigmas in our society regarding same-sex families, lesbian couples often face obstacles during fertility treatment or their child’s upbringing that not everyone will face. Friends and family who are heterosexual or without children may find it difficult to fully understand the emotions and experiences tied to these stigmas. When struggling, you often seek advice from someone who has been in the situation before. An easy and accessible source of guidance is podcasts. As a result, we have found seven podcasts for you to listen to and hopefully find some advice to help you in your everyday life.

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The Queer Family Podcast

1. The Queer Family Podcast

Jaimie Kelton has created the podcast The Queer Family Podcast to normalize, elevate, and celebrate LGBTQ+ families. Through weekly discussions with relevant guests, she hopes to educate her listener about everything related to same-sex families. We recommend The Queer Family Podcast as it is a great resource for anyone interested in learning more about the experiences and struggles of LGBTQ+ families.


Outspoken Voices

2. Outspoken Voices

Outspoken Voices is a podcast created by the organization Family Equality. Through the podcast, Family Equality hopes to shed light on the challenges that same-sex families experience. Hosted by Emily McGranachan, the podcast provides personal narratives from the LGBTQ+ community and discussions surrounding essential topics for LGBTQ+ families. Family Equality is an organization created to advance equality and the right to create a family, no matter the sexuality. Listen to this podcast to hear well-researched stories and discussions, while showing your support to their mission.


Pride in Birth

3. Pride in Birth

Pride in Birth is a podcast we recommend to anyone interested in learning more about the medical part of having a baby as a lesbian couple. Created by Dr. Mari Greenfield, each episode features interviews with prominent professors, doctors, and midwives. By using healthcare professionals, she hopes to help her listeners feel calm on their journey towards parenthood and reduce any feeling of isolation amongst LGBTQ+ new and expectant parents.


Rose and Rosie: Parental Guidance

4. Rose and Rosie: Parental Guidance

If you are looking for a humorous and personal podcast about two-mother families, we recommend that you listen to the podcast Rose and Rosie: Parental Guidance. Rose and Rosie are two comedians from the UK using their podcast to discuss fertility treatment, pregnancy, and how to raise a child as a lesbian couple. The podcast provides a valuable and entertaining insight into the everyday life of a family with two mothers. During the podcast series, they also talk about other subjects concerning pregnancy and the LGBTQ+ community, where they are visited by relevant guests to educate them on the subject.


2 Birds and a Baby

5. 2 Birds and a Baby

Another personal story about creating a baby is the one you can experience in the podcast 2 Birds and a Baby. Created by Emma Goswell, 2 Birds and a Baby is not your typical podcast, as every episode lasts around five minutes. What the podcast lacks in length it provides in the quality content, as you become a part of her everyday life alongside her partner Siobhan and their daughter Niamh. One topic Emma keeps reflecting on is her daughter's start in life. Niamh was born with Down’s Syndrome and a heart condition. As a result, she had to have two open heart surgeries resulting in her spending the first five weeks of her life in the hospital. Despite a tough start to motherhood, Emma gladly shares the ups and downs experienced during motherhood.


You Look Like Me

6. You Look Like Me

The podcast series You Look Like Me is different from the other podcasts we have recommended, as it centres around journalist and donor-conceived person, Louise McLoughlin’s, journey to find her biological father. During the podcast series, she also invites guests on her show, to discuss relevant topics regarding donor conception. Donor-conceived children have different feelings regarding their genetic origin - some want to explore and find potential families, while others do not share that need. By listening to the podcast, you may better understand the feelings your child may have when they grow up.


The Fertility Podcast

7. The Fertility Podcast

The last podcast we want to recommend is called The Fertility Podcast. Even though the podcast is not created for lesbian couples, we still think it is relevant, as it offers expert advice on a range of fertility topics, including IVF, egg donation, and fertility preservation. Created by Natalie Silverman, who personally experienced fertility treatments, the show has become one of the most popular podcasts in the UK, as it provides solace, companionship, and reliable information based on evidence.

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