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Solo Mum Mel: How to accept having a baby without a partner

By Cryos | 9/23/2019
Solo Mum Mel and her baby

Most women believe they will meet a partner and then when the time is right, start trying to make a baby the natural way. Mel Johnson is a Solo Mum to a donor child and she does coaching courses for Solo Mums. 95% of her clients have shared with her that solo motherhood was not their first option. They chose this route because they were unable to find a partner, and did not want to miss the chance to become a mother. In this guest blog post, Mel shares her tips on how to accept having a baby without a partner.  

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Mel is a solo mum and here is her daughter Daisy who is conceived with the help of a donor

Mel's daughter Daisy.

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Going solo - here solo mum Mel holds her donor-conceived daughter Daisy