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Must watch TED Talk about infertility

By Cryos | 7/2/2018
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Struggling with infertility can feel like a very lonely journey. It might seem that people who already have children do not really understand the battle you are fighting and the sorrow that follows when you have to realize that having a child is not as easy as it should be. Maybe you can recognize some of the feelings described in Camille Preston's TED Talk about infertility.

Many people struggle with infertility

Although you might feel alone on the journey to have children, more people than you probably think struggle with infertility. In fact, 1 out of 8 people in the USA have problems with getting pregnant the “normal” way. In Canada, the number is even higher. Sadly, many people do not open up about their problems to others, which may cause the pain to feel even worse.

Infertility TED Talk: Good friends are important during the journey

In the TED Talk about infertility, 42-year-old Camille Preston talks openly about her infertility journey and how she dealt with an uncontrollable challenge. She shares her thoughts about the loneliness that she felt herself because people didn’t talk openly about their fertility problems. In the video, Camille Preston shares with us what helped her during her journey. For example, good friends became indispensable for her and her husband to overcome their struggles along the way.

Stories of success

Watching the TED Talk with Camille Preston, you will know that she did experience and overcome her struggle with infertility and that she has a beautiful baby boy today. If you want to read more heartwarming stories with people, who have had success with fertility treatment, you can see what our customers have written here.

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