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The Ultimate Guide to buying sperm – 5 tips

A lesbian couple in the process of buying sperm

Buying sperm for use in fertility treatment is not an everyday task, and it is perfectly normal to have questions about the process. This guide will help you through the process of purchasing sperm from Cryos and take you through key points for you to consider.

In this guide, we will cover the 6 most important steps when buying sperm from Cryos, to make sure that you begin your journey to parenthood as smooth as possible. However, before we jump to the 6 steps, let us start with the very basics of purchasing sperm:

  • What is the price of buying sperm online?
  • How is the process of buying sperm?

What is the price of buying sperm online?

At Cryos, the cost of donor sperm for one round of fertility treatment starts at EUR 110 (VAT not included). This is the price of IVF-ready donor sperm from a Non-ID Release donor with a Basic Profile.

However, the price of donor sperm can vary significantly based on the level of information you require about the donor. In other words, the more detailed information or access you want to have about the donor, the higher the cost will be. Follow the link to see our sperm bank prices.

The process of buying sperm

When discussing the process of buying sperm, the first and most basic thing to clarify is that you can purchase sperm online. We know that this comes as a surprise to some people, as donor sperm is perhaps not something you would associate with a webshop. Nonetheless, being able to buy donor sperm online from home is not only safe and convenient - it also allows you to take the time you need and involve whoever you want in the process of choosing a sperm donor.

When you have found the sperm donor you prefer you simply add the straws you need to the basket and complete your purchase, and we will then deliver your order to a fertility clinic of your choice. If you need help finding the right fertility clinic for you, then follow the link to our blog post on the subject.

You can of course find other ways and places to buy sperm, but when ordering online from a certified sperm bank like Cryos, you are assured high-quality sperm from thoroughly tested sperm donors.

1. How to buy sperm online at Cryos International Sperm and Egg Bank?

If you want a more visual explanation of how to buy sperm, we can recommend the webinar below, where Customer Care Consultant Beatrice and Laboratory Department Manager Bjørn Byriel-Christensen explain the process of buying sperm.

What does the law say about buying sperm?

Regulations and laws regarding donor sperm vary across different countries, including regulations regarding sperm donor identification and criteria for receiving treatment at clinics. These regulations can typically be found on the health authority website of your respective country.

At Cryos, we comply with regulations worldwide by using country specific Standards. If you find your country on the Standards list, you can be assured that we are compliant with your country’s regulations. However, we suggest consulting with your fertility clinic about the specific regulations in your country of treatment to ensure that you select the appropriate type of donor sperm for your treatment.

2. Choose a sperm donor with your preferences

At Cryos we have a large selection of sperm donors, that are all presented on our website with a donor profile. The purpose of the donor profile is to give you an idea of the man behind the sperm donations and hopefully help you choose a sperm donor that feels right to you. The sperm donor profiles can be either Basic or Extended, depending on how much you would like to know about the sperm donor. They do not include any identifying information but – as a very minimum - describes different aspects of the donor’s physical appearance and include his test results provided by our medical team, who thoroughly screens each donor.

As the world’s largest sperm and egg bank, we have a lot of sperm donors for you to choose from. If you are looking to purchase sperm and you have certain criteria or wishes regarding the donor’s physical appearance, ethnicity, etc., you can use filters, just as you know from other web shops, to narrow down your search results.

To help protect the privacy of our donors, we ask you to create a login before you can access the full donor profiles. Creating an account at Cryos is free and non-binding, and only requires your name and email.

Why using a free donor might be a bad idea

If you are looking to purchase sperm, it is recommended to use a sperm donor from a licensed sperm bank. A licensed sperm bank ensures that the donor has been thoroughly screened for any diseases or health issues that could be passed on to you or the child, thus minimizing the risks associated with using donor sperm.

A happy family that bought donor sperm

3. Choose the right amount and type of donor sperm

Once you have selected a donor, it is time to add the needed sperm to your basket. Donor sperm is kept in small straws of 0,5 ml (or sometimes 0,4 ml), which is usually what you will need for one treatment. The sperm straws come in two different types: IUI or ICI, which is a matter of how the sperm has been processed. Which type of sperm you will need depends on the type of treatment you are having, as well as your clinic’s preferences. The same goes for motility, which is an expression of sperm quality. In this context, the higher the better isn’t necessarily true, which is why we recommend that you talk to your clinic about which type of sperm straw they prefer before you buy sperm. You can see Cryos’ general recommendations regarding sperm motility here.

In each donor profile, you will see an overview of which types of straw and motility is available for the chosen donor. A donor may have both IUI and ICI straws available of different motilities, as the donor sperm is selected over a period of time. Once you’ve decided what you need for your treatment, you can add it to your basket.

If you want inspiration regarding your choice of Donor Profile, then follow the link to our blog post 3 things to consider when choosing a Sperm Donor Profile.

NB: Depending on your country, we might add a Quota Reservation when you add sperm straws to your basket. A Quota Reservation is required in some countries in order to help ensure that the national limit of how many families one donor can help is not exceeded. You can learn more about Quota Reservations here. 

4. Consider making a reservation of donor sperm for later

When you buy sperm at Cryos, you will be asked whether you need it within the next four weeks or if you want to reserve it for later. If you already have a fertility treatment planned, you will probably need the sperm within a matter of weeks, but it may be a good idea to consider also making a reservation.

You may be lucky and become pregnant on the first attempt, but you never know how much sperm is needed to become pregnant and many women need a few tries before achieving a pregnancy. As a general recommendation, you should expect 5-6 tries when you are having fertility treatment, such as IUI treatment. Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee that there will be sperm in stock from your chosen donor if you return to purchase sperm for another treatment unless you have made a reservation. Making a reservation of donor sperm means that you buy sperm but keep it stored at Cryos until you need it for another attempt or if you want more children in the future.

You can choose this option at the same time as purchasing sperm or when you become pregnant if you would like to use the same donor. When you make a reservation, we ask you for how long you wish to reserve the sperm. If you end up not needing it anyway, you can terminate your reservation, and we will then refund 75% of the original straw price as long as it is still stored at Cryos.

A pregnant women that received help from a sperm donor

5. Buy sperm and have it delivered to your clinic

Once you have added sperm straws to your basket, we will ask you to provide some details, including when and how to deliver your order. It is possible to place your order up to 4 weeks before your fertility treatment, and during checkout, we will ask you when you need us to ship your order. Be aware that when you buy sperm from Cryos, we need 1,5 working days to process and ship your order after you place your order online. If you make a last-minute order and need us to ship your order even sooner, we will charge you a late-order fee. We will then be able to ship the order the same day if the order is placed before 12:00 (CET) on a working day.

How long it takes from the moment we ship your order until it arrives at your fertility clinic depends on where your clinic is located:

  • In Europe: 1-3 weekdays (Monday – Friday)
  • The rest of the world: 2-5 weekdays (Monday – Friday).

Depending on the destination, sperm straws from Cryos are either sent in a dry ice container or a nitrogen tank that will keep the sperm at the required temperatures during transportation. Both are safe ways to store and carry the sperm, and the choice of shipping method depends on the number of days between dispatch and the arrival of the order. The nitrogen tank can keep the sperm frozen for a longer time than the dry ice container.

Once your order arrives at your clinic, the staff must carefully transfer and keep the sperm safe until use. It is important that someone is present once the order arrives, so please make sure to notify your clinic. You can learn more about the shipping and delivery of donor sperm here.

Can you buy sperm for home use?

Due to Danish legislation,  Cryos International Denmark, being a Danish sperm bank, can not ship donor sperm to private addresses for home use. Distribution of  donor sperm is only allowed to approved tissue centres, fertility clinics, hospital departments, and authorized healthcare professionals.

6. Prices and payment when buying sperm

The last aspect we want to cover in this blog post is pricing and payment. When you purchase sperm from Cryos, you can choose to pay with a credit card or bank transfer. Payment with a credit card is the quickest method and it allows us to process your order faster. That is why we recommend this payment method if you buy sperm for fertility treatment on a short deadline.

The price of donor sperm depends on different factors such as your choice of donor - the more you want to know the higher the price will be. The same goes for sperm motility – the price goes up the higher the motility you choose. If you choose to make a reservation for later use, we will charge you the price of donor sperm right away as well as a fee for storing the sperm for you for a given time period. You can see our current sperm bank prices here.

We hope this guide has helped you understand the process of purchasing sperm. If you are about to buy sperm for fertility treatment, we wish you the best of luck on your way to becoming a parent. When you become pregnant with help from a sperm donor, it is important that you let us know. Learn more about why and how to report your pregnancy in this blog post.

Do you need any help with your purchase?

We hope that this guide has provided you with useful insights into the process of purchasing sperm. If you are planning to buy sperm for fertility treatment, we wish you the very best of luck on your journey towards parenthood. However, if you have any queries about how to proceed with your purchase, we are always here to assist you. You can find the contact information for your local representative on our website, and we would be more than happy to provide you with further guidance and support.