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What motivates our sperm donors to help others?

By Cryos | 1/7/2019
What motivates men to become sperm donors

You might have wondered about why some men want to become sperm donors. What are their motivation and thoughts behind their decision to help others become parents? In the following, we share what we have learned from studies, interviews, and small talk with our donors. In the end of this blog post, you can also read some selected questions and answers from interviews with some of our sperm donors.


The motivation of Cryos´ sperm donors

From our conversations with the donors, we found that there are two main incentives for becoming a sperm donor.

A desire to help other people: The most important incentive is the desire to help others. Many of our sperm donors are also blood donors and some even bone marrow donors. They like to help where they can.

Some of the donors also know friends or relatives who have had difficulties creating a family. Therefore, they recognize just how important it is for people to get the help that they need to be able to achieve their dream of a child. They may also have kids themselves and know that having children is one of the greatest gifts in life.

The compensation is an extra bonus: Another aspect is the financial compensation. The sperm donors get compensated for their time and effort for each donation, and this is also a motivational factor for some. For example, the donors who are university students consider the compensation a nice supplement to maintain a good student life.

However, it seems that the economic aspect does not do it for the donors alone. Being a sperm donor is a big decision, and helping others seems to be the most important reason to donate sperm. The compensation is mostly considered as a bonus.

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Testimonials about donor motivation

In the following, you can read extracts from video interviews of a few of Cryos’ sperm donors. In these interviews, the donors explain their choices and motivations for becoming a sperm donor. If you want to see the interviews in full length, you can find the videos in our YouTube channel.

Sperm donor Thomas: “Children are a gift”

Thomas is a sperm donor at Cryos and a father himself. One of his main reasons for donating is the feeling he has when looking at his children. By donating his sperm, Thomas wants to make sure that everybody has a chance to experience that feeling.

“There are so many people out there, who don’t know their biological origins. The donor children, they get parents who really want them and who’ve had to struggle to get them. I think that must be the best starting point.”

Why did you choose to become a sperm donor?

“It came about originally because of a long chat I had with my grandfather about being a decent person. I didn’t think I was a bad person, but I started to speculate that I could do more, and where I could make a difference. I realised this was one of the things where I could actually make a difference. I could actually help childless couples, so they could experience having children.”

Sperm donor Henrik: “Why not help where you can?”

Henrik donates his sperm because he wants to help others have children, and he is happy that he is healthy enough to do so. In short, he wants to help where he can. To him, the financial aspect is a bonus as well.

What motivates you to be a sperm donor? 

“I’m a donor because there are many people who can’t have children. I feel privileged that I’m healthy and well enough to help them. It’s a big deal for me, and I know it means a lot to those people that I can help. Obviously, there’s a financial aspect to it, but it’s not because I need the money. I just see it as a bonus. I do it because it’s important for me to be able to help others to have the children that they dream of having.”

What thoughts have you given the children born from your donations? 

“I’ve thought a lot about that many people will be prejudiced, thinking I’m going to have a lot of kids running around the city in a couple of years’ time. But it’s just not like that. I think more about the fact that there are children who come into the world with parents who get the child they wanted above all else.”

Sperm donor Jacob: “I want a meaningful student job”

For Jacob, donating sperm and helping others is a big motivation and is a meaningful student job. He also explains his decision to become an ID Release sperm donor.

“I understand of course some of the concerns you can have when bringing children into the world. But the way I see it, children are part of the families and environments that they grow up in. We have shown that we certainly can foster children and give them a really good life, even though they are not genetically related to their parents, and from that perspective, it’s easy to be a donor.”

Jacob further explains:

“At Cryos you have two options. You can be an anonymous or a non-anonymous donor. The right choice for me was to be a non-anonymous donor, because I really want to give the child the opportunity to decide if he or she wants to know more about their biological origins.”

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