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What does sperm from a sperm donor cost?

By Cryos | 6/25/2018
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The cost of donor sperm is dependent on different factors. For example if you want a donor profile that contains much information or only basic information, and if you want your child to have the possibility to contact the donor in the future. In this blog post, we will explain what influences the price when buying sperm from Cryos.

The choice of IUI and ICI sperm

There are two types of donor sperm:

  • ICI (short for Intra Cervical Insemination) sperm which is unpurified and contains all the naturally occurring ejaculate fluids
  • IUI (short for Intra-Uterine Insemination) sperm which has been washed and purified by laboratory technicians

The cost of IUI-ready sperm is higher than the cost of ICI sperm. This is due to the extended laboratory process.

The choice between IUI or ICI sperm depends on your treatment method. ICI sperm is used for insemination where the sperm is injected directly into the vagina – similar to normal intercourse. You can also use IUI sperm for insemination directly into the vagina, but because of the higher cost, most people use ICI sperm for this kind of treatment.

For insemination directly into the uterus, only IUI-ready sperm must be used. The reason is, that unpurified/unwashed sperm injected directly into the uterus may cause the woman to have a severe allergic reaction.

The higher the motility the higher the sperm donor cost

When you order donor sperm at Cryos, you can choose between different motilities. Sperm motility (also referred to as MOT) means how many sperm cells are present pr. millilitre in a sample. We offer donor sperm from motility 5 (5 million sperm cells pr. millilitre) to motility 30+ (30 million or more sperm cells pr. millilitre). The higher the motility the higher the cost.

Your choice of motility depends on the type of treatment you will have, and whether you (or your female partner) are suffering from physical fertility problems. For example, if you need sperm for IVF treatment, motility 5 is perfectly fine, but for insemination directly into the uterus or insemination directly into the vagina, you might want to use motility that is higher. You can read more about our recommendations on how much sperm you need to get pregnant here. Note that we recommend that you ask your clinic for advice before you make your order.

The cost of an ID Release vs. a Non-ID Release Donor

Another factor that influences how much sperm from a sperm donor costs, is whether you choose a Non-ID Release or an ID Release Sperm Donor. ID Release donors are open donors who can be contacted by the donor-conceived children in the future. Non-ID Release donors are and will always be non-contactable. Donor sperm from an ID Release donor is more expensive than donor sperm from a Non-ID Release donor.

Woman looking at the cost of donor sperm in Cryos' Donor Search

In Cryos' Donor Search, you can see the exact price of sperm straws from your chosen donor.

An Extended Profile costs more than a Basic Profile

At Cryos, you can choose between two types of sperm donor profiles: Basic and Extended. If you choose a donor with a Basic Profile, you will get access to basic information such as hair colour, eye colour and education/occupation. An Extended Profile, on the other hand, gives you access to photos of the donor as a child, a handwritten message, a voice recording, information about the donor’s life, experiences, memories and more.

Sperm from a donor with a Basic Profile will have a lower cost than sperm from a donor with an Extended Profile.

Delivery and Quota Reservation

When you know your treatment method, have chosen the sperm quality and the type of sperm donor, you need to choose a delivery method and get a Quota Reservation for your country of residence.

The price of the delivery depends on where it has to be shipped to, and for how long the sperm straws should last. You can choose from 2-3 days (small dry-ice) and all the way up to 12 days (large nitrogen tank). You can see a complete list of shipping and sperm bank prices here.

See the prices in Cryos' Sperm Donor Search

To see exactly how much sperm straws from a sperm donor cost, you can go to our Sperm Donor Search. Adjust the filters so they match your requirements and click ‘See details’ on one of the donors. The actual price per straw from that particular donor will appear in the diagram at the bottom. Here you will also be able to see the motility and whether the straw is ICI or IUI-ready.

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