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Wishlist for Christmas – books for donor-conceived children

Inspiration for a Christmas Wishlist to donor-conceived children

For many parents, honesty is important in the upbringing of a donor-conceived child. A great way to start a conversation about donor conception is through books. That is why, we have found 5 books for children and parents regarding donor conception, you can add to either your own or your children’s Wishlist for this Christmas.

Zaks safari is a great book about donor conception

Zak´s safari

Zak’s Safari is a book about different family structures, focused on donor-conceived Zak and his two mothers. In the book, Zak takes the reader on a special safari, where he shows us the story of him and his family and how they came to be. During the safari, Zak teaches the reader about every aspect of sperm donation and how his two mothers used it to fulfil their dream of parenthood.

The story about Zak is well written and accompanied with some nice illustrations for the children. The book can be used to start a conversation with your children about donor conception, and why children conceived with the help of a sperm donor often are some of the most wanted children.


You began as a wish is a fine book for donor-conceived children

You began as a wish

DR. Kim Bergman, a psychologist and specialist in LGBT+ parenting, has written the book You began as a wish. The book focuses on assisted reproduction and can be used as a helpful guide to parents of donor-conceived children that wants to explain how their children came to be.

The most important part of the book is the chapter about honesty in the upbringing of donor-conceived children. DR. Kim Bergman shares how important she thinks it is to be honest with donor-conceived children about how they came to be. The book also includes advice on how to start the conversation with your children.

If you want to read more about honesty in raising a donor-conceived child, read our blog post on Emma, that always felt like the most wanted child on the planet.


Sharing Seeds is a great way to talk about donor conception

Sharing Seeds

Sharing Seeds: a donor sperm story for mummy and child is JR Silver’s second book about donor conception. His new book is focused on the tales of much-loved children conceived via fertility treatment and the journey their parents must go through on their way to parenthood.

Like many of the other books, Sharing Seeds can be used as a conversation starter for children, because of the light-hearted language and fine illustrations, that are meant to introduce children to donor conception in a sensitive way.

If you are interested to read more about JR Silver and his first book, we can recommend you to read our blog post A personal story about male infertility, where JR Silver explains the experiences that lead him to writing his first book about fertility treatment with donor sperm.


Happy Together is a great story about egg donation

Happy together

Happy together is a heart-warming story about the process of egg donation told through a family of bears. The story focuses on Mommy and Daddy bear and their journey towards parenthood. Mommy and Daddy bear have a hard time fulfilling their dream of a child, until they meet a doctor that introduces them to a special lady called donor that helps them conceive.

Happy together is a book centred around egg donor-conceived fertility treatment, which naturally make it perfect for children conceived with the help of an egg donor.


We are family is a great way for parents prepare for donor-conceived children

We are family

The last book we have chosen to recommend is not meant for the children but for you, the parents. The book We are Family is based on the findings of Susan Golombok, a Professor of Family Research at University of Cambridge, which makes it a bit hard for children to understand. The book summarizes Susan’s findings and includes a lot of personal stories from both parents and children in families with different structures.

Susan Golombok´s findings shows that family structure does not matter as much as previously thought, instead the relationship between family members are the most important factors in a happy childhood. Children growing up in different family structures, as being the case with lesbian parents and Single Mothers by Choice, will have as good a childhood as any other children.

The public tend to assume that family structures matter to a child’s wellbeing, but Susan Golombok´s findings show otherwise. Therefore, you can use this book and the personal stories in it to prepare your child for any prejudices they could meet. The stories in the book is also a great opportunity for older donor-conceived children to reflect themselves in.

If you want to read more about Susan Golombok and her book We are family, we can recommend our blog piece on her findings. If you are interested in other books on conceiving with donor insemination, we can recommend following the link.

We hope you found some inspiration for your own or your child´s Wishlist. If you want to buy some of the books, it is possible to find them at online bookstores or on From all of Cryos, we want to wish you a Merry Christmas and a happy New Year.