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What does it mean that a sperm donor has a condition?

All sperm donors have been selected and screened according to Cryos' extensive quality assurance, operational procedures and policies for donor recruitment, assessment and screening. Despite this thorough selection and screening procedure, the risk of having a donor-conceived child with a medical condition cannot be eliminated.

Not all conditions are hereditary. However, it is a fact of nature that every human being carries a number of DNA mutations which can be associated with various disorders or conditions. If the condition reported in relation to a specific donor turns out to be hereditary, this information could potentially have significant impact on anyone genetically related to the donor and their family members. Cryos takes reports of conditions very seriously and we will not withhold information from any individual related to the sperm donor.

When Cryos receives a report of a condition, the donor is immediately removed from our Sperm Donor Search and put on hold during analysis and investigation.

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