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How many families can use the same sperm donor?

Cryos International Sperm Bank follows the national quota which defines the number of families that can use a donor in a given country. You can always check if the national quota has been reached for a specific donor in the Sperm Donor Search. To do so, you must ensure that your account is set up with the correct treatment country and country of residence.

Please check with the authorities in your own country if you are interested in knowing the national quota.

Birth limits at sperm banks → Why do sperm banks have birth limits

Birth limits at sperm banks are important because they help to decrease the risk of inbreeding. By limiting the number of families, a sperm donor can help, the chances of two donor-conceived children with the same donor meeting are very small.

Sperm donor birth limits by country

In some countries, you need to purchase a quota per family, whilst other countries require you to purchase a quota for each child or per woman. An example of a national quota is Denmark, where a donor can help 12 families. The quota in Denmark is focused on families and not children, meaning that a donor may help to conceive more than 12 children.

If you are confused by the rules and want to read a guide on how to purchase donor sperm for fertility treatment, then follow the link. You can also contact our Customer Care Consultants, they are happy to answer any question you might have.