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What is a Standard?

Countries have different regulations regarding selection, screening, and approval procedures for sperm donors and donor sperm. An example is the Standard for CMV infection and because we want to be sure that we meet the different Standards, we only accept donors who have tested IgM negative. We call these Standards. A donor/sperm straw can be released according to one or several Standards.

At Cryos, we operate with the following Standards: CAN, DK, EU, FI, IE, ISR, ITA, NL, NO, NYS, SE, UK, USA, DE, GR, EE.

If you are going to receive treatment in a fertility clinic in one of the above-mentioned countries, you should use the corresponding Standard. If you are going to receive treatment in a clinic in a country that is not mentioned above, please ask your fertility clinic for advice on which Standard to choose.

If you need help finding the right fertility clinic, follow the link to our blog post on the subject.

However, some clinics in Germany may have more strict sperm donor requirements, that are not fulfilled by the DE-standard. Accordingly, Cryos cannot guarantee that all clinics in Germany will offer treatment with the straws of a donor released according to the DE-standard.

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