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A sperm sample being pulled from a cryo tank

Can you freeze sperm at home?

No, it is not possible to freeze sperm at home. You need a special cryo-tank to achieve and keep the temperature of -196 degrees which is required for successful sperm freezing. The cryo-tank is also the place where the sperm is stored.

Who is sperm freezing relevant for?

Sperm storage is an option for all men but is especially relevant for men that are about to enter medical treatment that may cause their sperm motility to drop, have a vasectomy, or simply wish to safeguard their ability to conceive. At Cryos, you can store your sperm for the rest of your life. If you need to have your sperm frozen and stored it is possible to contact us and have it stored in one of our cryo-tanks. The only thing you must do is set up an appointment and make a sperm sample, either at one of our locations or in your own home. If you make the sample in your own home, you must bring it to our laboratory within 1 hour of ejaculation.

You can read more about sperm storage and freezing of sperm by following the link.

How long can you store sperm in your home?

If your sperm is stored at room temperature, the motility declines significantly in short time. We strongly advise against storing sperm at home unless you have a cryo-tank. If you are making a sperm sample for Cryos and want to make it at home, we need the sample within 1 hour after ejaculation to ensure the best possible conditions for sperm storage.