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Sperm cells illustrated

What is the minimum sperm count for IVF treatment?

It is possible to fertilize the egg with a single sperm cell, but most people realize they need more than one sperm cell to fulfil their dream of a child. Therefore, the minimum sperm count for IVF treatment is almost impossible to estimate, as the success of fertility treatment also relies on other factors like your partner’s age and the period you have been trying to conceive naturally.

In IVF treatment, the sperm cells are placed in a plastic container alongside the egg. As the sperm is closer to the egg, chances of fertilization increase. In general, the sperm count needed for IVF is lower than the sperm count needed for IUI treatment, as the sperm cells are closer to the egg. But it is not possible to estimate a minimum sperm count for IVF, as your chances of success are influenced by many other factors as well.

If your sperm count is too low for IVF treatment, ICSI could be your next step. If no pregnancy occurs through ICSI, your next option could be fertility treatment with donor sperm. If you have any questions regarding the use of a sperm donor, feel free to contact our Customer Care Team.