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Father, mother and their donor-conceived child playing with boxes

What genetic disorders does Genetic Matching test for?

When conducting a Genetic Matching we look for genetic mutations that might cause recessive diseases. Single Gene Matching is for people who already know that they carry a specific genetic mutation. When you order this service, we ask you to provide documentation of your genetic mutation and indicate which gene you want us to analyse in the sperm donor. The purpose of this test is to decrease the risk of a donor carrying a mutation in the same gene, which would increase the risk of having a child with a genetic disease. The analysis thoroughly examines the relevant gene to significantly decrease the risk of a donor-conceived child developing that specific disease.  

Panel Matching is a broader test in which we look at more than 300 recessive genes. In this test we look at the genes of both you and your chosen sperm donor and compare the results of all the genes included in the test to ensure that you do not carry a disease-causing mutation in the same gene(s).

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