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What is the price on donor sperm?

When buying donor sperm, the financial aspect is a natural thing to consider. The price of donor sperm depends on several factors, which defers from the donors choice of profile to the quality of his sperm. Below, you can read a more detailed explanation of some of the factors affecting the price on donor sperm:

  • The sperm donor profile: Each donor has to choose whether they want a Basic or Extended Profile, wich contains different levels of information about them, their dreams, and physical appearance. If you want inspiration regarding your choice of Donor Profile, then follow the link to our blog post 3 things to consider when choosing a Sperm Donor Profile.
  • ID Release or Non-ID Release: An ID Release donor is aware of the possibility that any children he has helped come into this world may contact him in the future. By choosing to be an ID Release donor, the donors makes themselves available for potential talks with the donor-conceived child in the future.
  • Sperm motility and quality: The quality of a donors sperm has a big influence on the price. Sperm with a high motility increases the chances of conceiving, which has an effect on the price.

You can see the exact prices below each donor in the Sperm Donor Search. Read more about sperm donor cost here.