PrivateFAQOrdering and shipping of donor spermWhich shipping method do I need to choose?
Donor sperm being shipped

Which shipping method do I need to choose?

It is possible to buy sperm from destinations all around the world. Shipments are sent in a dry ice container or in a nitrogen tank.

If you choose to have the donor sperm sent in a small dry ice container it will last for 3 days, a large dry ice container lasts for 5 days, a small nitrogen tank lasts for 7 days, and a large nitrogen tank lasts for 12 days. You should count the day of shipping as day one for durability of the sperm straws.

You need to choose the type of container according to the date of your fertility treatment or your ovulation – depending on the treatment method you have chosen. You should also remember to calculate the time from shipment to delivery.

Follow the link to read more about our shipping methods when ordering donor sperm.