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Using a friend as a sperm donor

Yes, you can use a friend or an acquaintance as a sperm donor in Denmark. If you want to use a Known Donor, we can help you by testing the donor sperm and thereby making sure that your chances of conceiving are as high as possible, as well as making sure that no disease, like CMV, are transferred to the woman. By using our help you can be sure that the Known Donor is well and will not pass on any disease to your donor-conceived child.

If you are interested learning more about using a Known Donor to fulfil your dream of a child, you can follow the link to read more about Known sperm donor or prices on donor sperm.

Being a sperm donor for a friend

Before you become a sperm donor to help your friend, we recommend you to discuss how to approach your role in the child's life. Therefore we have made a list of three topics you can discuss before using a friend as a sperm donor:

  • How is it going to affect your frinedship?
  • Are you going to tell them about their genetics?
  • Will you be involved in their life?

How to donate sperm to a friend

At Cryos, we can help you make sure that the donor sperm is ready for insemination. Meaning that we test the sperm count, motility, and morphology to make sure it is usable for fertilizing the egg. After the sperm quality test, we make sure that the sperm cells are cleaned and ready to be frozen for you to use in fertility treatments like ICI treatment and IUI treatment.