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Can you choose a sperm donor?

Yes. At Cryos, you can choose the donor you prefer, if this is allowed in your treatment country. Certain countries, such as Norway, have restrictions regarding the choice of donor. In Norway, you are not allowed to choose a specific donor yourself. Instead, you must create a list of three candidates for the clinic to choose from. This restriction does not apply if you are trying to conceive with the help of a sperm donor in the UK, where you can choose the donor, you prefer.

Before you order donor sperm for fertility treatment, we always recommend that you research the legislation on sperm donation in your treatment country, as the laws and restrictions differ from one country to another. Cryos’ Customer Care Team can also help you with information on the rules and possibilities in your country.

How does picking a sperm donor work?

In our Sperm Donor Search, you can pick the right sperm donor based on your preferences. When picking a sperm donor, there are a few things we recommend you think about before starting the process: Consider the level of information on the donor and whether your child should be able to contact their donor when they turn 18.

If you want a more thorough guide on how to choose a sperm donor, then follow the link.