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What is a sperm bank?

A sperm bank (also called a cryo bank) is a place where men come to help single women, lesbian couples and heterosexual couples experiencing infertility achieve their dream of a child by donating their sperm. After the sperm donation our laboratory makes sure that each straw has the high quality that is needed for artificial insemination. Afterwards, the sperm straws are placed in large cryotanks that freezes the sperm down to -196 degrees, to make sure that the sperm straws survive. Since we are a sperm bank, and not at fertility clinic, it is not possible to receive fertility treatment at Cryos.

After freezing, the sperm becomes available in our Sperm Donor Search where customers looking for donor sperm to fulfil their dream of parenthood. If you are looking for donor sperm to buy, we would recommend you to follow the link to our blog post The Ultimate Guide to Choosing a Sperm Donor.

To donate, the sperm donor must undergo a thorough screening process to make sure he is physically and mentally well, to minimize the risk of passing on any diseases to the donor-conceived children.

How is the sperm collected at a sperm bank?

The sperm is collected with help from a lot of different male donors, that share a common goal of helping others achieve their dream of a child. The sperm donors go through an extensive screening process where their mental and physical health is checked. If they pass the medical examination, the donors are now free to start their donation process.

The world's largest selection of sperm donors

At Cryos, we have the largest selection of sperm donors available, with different types of profiles and phenotypes to choose between. We are a certified egg and sperm bank with more than 30 years of experience helping people on their path to parenthood.

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