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What is a sperm donor?

A sperm donor is a man that helps people achieve pregnancy through the process of sperm donation. After the sperm has been donated and processed it can be purchased for artificial insemination or other fertility treatments.

Sperm donors at licensed sperm banks like Cryos undergo a thorough screening process to evaluate their physical and mental health before becoming sperm donors.

The man donating his sperm is referred to as a sperm donor, and the donated sperm is called donor sperm.

Who needs donor sperm?

The demand for donor sperm for fertility treatment is generally high, and due to new family structures, there has been significant development in this area in recent years. The most common groups that are in need of sperm donations are:

How does sperm donation work?

Sperm donation is a process where a man voluntarily donates his sperm to help others conceive. The steps involved in this process vary between sperm banks but usually contain:

  • Donor application: The first step of becoming a sperm donor is to send an application to a sperm bank. Before applying it is recommended that the man ensure he meets the sperm donor requirements regarding age and health criteria.
  • Testing the sperm quality: Before any screening is performed, it is important to ensure the donor's sperm quality is high. This is done through a sperm quality test, where the donor provides a semen sample in a private room at the sperm bank.
  • Semen analysis: The sample is analyzed to ensure a high amount of sperm cells (sperm count), a high percentage of them can move (sperm motility), and that their shape is normal (sperm morphology).
  • Screening process: If the semen test is approved, the donor undergoes medical, genetic, and psychological tests to ensure he is healthy and free of genetic disorders or infectious diseases.
  • Storage and quarantine: Once the sperm donor starts to donate, his samples are stored in liquid nitrogen and kept until his batch (10 donations) is closed and blood samples are taken to ensure no diseases are transferred to the woman receiving the sperm.
  • Fertility treatment: If the blood sample is approved, the batch is released and single women or couples can buy the donor sperm for fertility treatments like intrauterine insemination (IUI), in-vitro fertilization (IVF), or intracytoplasmic sperm injection (ICSI).

Who becomes sperm donors?

Everyone can become a sperm donor at Cryos. As long as our donors meet the requirements, they can help people fulfil their dream of becoming a parent. At Cryos, we have a lot of donors available and their motivation, personality, and physical appearance varies a lot. Regardless of the underlying reason, sperm donation is a selfless deed that greatly benefits many people by bringing the dream of a child to life.

Is sperm donation right for me?

There are minimal health risks associated with sperm donation. The most important thing when using a sperm donor is to purchase the donor's sperm through a licensed sperm bank.