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What is a sperm donor?

A sperm donor is a man that donates his sperm to help single mothers, lesbian couples, and heterosexual couples experiencing infertility achieve their dream of a child. Sperm donors at licensed sperm banks like Cryos undergo a thorough screening process to evaluate their physical and mental health prior to becoming a sperm donor. Learn more about who the sperm donors are here.

How are sperm donors selected and screened?

The screening process is the most important part of becoming a sperm donor, because we have to make sure that the probability of him passing on diseases to future donor-conceived children are small. Because we have thousands of genes, it is impossible to completely eliminate the risk of passing on a genetic disease. The screening process contains:

  • A comprehensive medical questionnaire, with questions regarding the donors own medical history, as well as his family. Through the questionnaire we aim to find any potential diseases that runs in the family.
  • Afterwards, the sperm donor receives a thorough physical examination, that contains blood and urine samples to make sure that he is not infected with diseases such as HIV, Hepatitis B or C, chlamydia, or HTLV.
  • The donors also receive a genetic carrier test, where we test for a number of recessive diseases, thereby making sure that the chances of passing on a recessive gene disease are rare.

How does the sperm donation process work?

The sperm donation process is quite simple and the only difference from one donor to another is the number of times they can donate per week. As a sperm donor, you can visit us 1 or 2 times a week – or more if your sperm quality allows it. At each visit, we ask you to register at the counter upon arrival.

The actual donation process takes place in our donor cabins, where you have access to porn material. After the donation is completed, you can leave in good conscience, knowing that your act has helped make a big difference for others. Sperm donation is an important part of many couples' process of having children. Donor sperm is the only option for lesbian couples to have a child they are genetically related to. Follow the link to read more about how lesbian couples can have a baby.