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    Are you looking for donor eggs for fertility treatment? You are currently visiting our international sperm bank in Denmark, but our departments in Cyprus and the US distribute frozen donor eggs for clinical use. Learn more about the possibilities here.

      Cryos is the world’s largest sperm and egg bank supplying frozen donor gametes to more than 100 countries worldwide.

      From our sperm bank in Denmark, which you are currently visiting, we distribute donor sperm. If you are looking for frozen donor eggs instead, we suggest that you take a look at Cryos Sperm & Egg Banks in Cyprus and the US. You can learn more about the different departments and how to switch between the websites below.


      Cryos’ website country settings in search for egg donors

      Cryos Cyprus Sperm & Egg Bank

      From our sperm and egg bank in Cyprus, you can purchase frozen donor eggs that were donated at our facility in Cyprus or in one of our partnering clinics. The egg donors can be locals, exchange students, expats, or similar, which means the egg donors not only represent the population of Cyprus but many different ethnicities and phenotypes.

      Follow the link below or contact us to get help with how to get started with donor eggs from Cryos Cyprus Sperm & Egg Bank.

      Go to Cryos Cyprus Sperm & Egg Bank

      NB: The website is in English only.

      Change your country settings to see other Cryos websites

      Each of our departments have their own website, as the donors, terms, etc. differ, depending on which department and country you turn to:

      You can easily change between the different Cryos websites via the Country Settings in the upper corner of our website (the globe icon on mobile devices).

      Make sure you select a treatment country that allows fertility treatment with donor eggs to access the egg banks’ websites and see the egg donors. If you are unsure which countries allow fertility treatment with donor eggs, contact our Customer Care to learn more.


      Cryos US Sperm & Egg Bank

      Cryos’ US department was the first free standing, fully independent frozen egg bank in the United States. From there you can purchase frozen donor eggs donated by women in Orlando, Florida. The city has a diverse population, which means that we offer donor eggs from donors with many different ethnicities and phenotypes.

      To minimize your costs related to shipping as well as the actual deliver time, we recommend that the Cryos US Sperm & Egg Bank is primarily used by citizens within the United States.

      Go to Cryos US Sperm & Egg Bank

      Same high quality across departments

      When you purchase donor sperm or donor eggs from our departments in Denmark, Cyprus, or the US, you can always expect the same quality and service. Cryos is one big family and the dedication to our vision of helping people achieve their dream of a child is the driving force throughout the whole company.

      All of Cryos apply to the same standard operating procedures ensuring you:

      • Extensive selection and screening of all donor candidates
      • Always high-quality donor gametes
      • Dedicated and experienced Cryos staff ready to help you

      Learn more about Cryos or contact us to start your journey towards parenthood. You can also read a personal story about egg donation, by following the link to our blog post Being egg donor-conceived.