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    Who are the sperm donors?

    At Cryos, we are proud to say that we have the world’s largest selection of sperm donors. But who are the men that choose to donate? Here you can learn more about the donors and hear a few of them explain what motivates them. 

      Some save lives – others give life

      By donating their sperm, Cryos’ donors give life to the dream of a child. They are all healthy young men who see it as a meaningful act to help others, but besides that, they are very different and represent a diverse population when it comes to physical appearance, career paths, interests, etc. 

      All donors at Cryos have gone through an extensive sperm donor screening to ensure that they are physically and psychologically fit to become sperm donors. The men who are approved as donors receive a small compensation for their time and effort. 


      Cryos sperm donor motivated to help others – find carefully selected donors with different ethnicities at Cryos

      I’m a donor because there are many people who can’t have children. I feel privileged that I’m healthy and well enough to help them. It’s a big deal for me, and I know it means a lot to those people that I can help


      Why choose to donate sperm?

      Our donors have different reasons for becoming a sperm donor. Some of them have close friends or family who have had help to conceive, and others have children themselves and would like to assist others in experiencing the same joy. No matter the reason, donating sperm is an altruistic act, that helps a lot of people by giving life to the dream of a child.  

      Below, you can meet two of our donors and hear them explain about their motivation and thoughts about being a sperm donor at Cryos. You can also take a look at our Extended Sperm Donor Profiles that contain a handwritten message from the donor explaining about his motivations.

      I am a sperm donor because I want to make a difference (…). I am also a blood donor and organ donor. I have always believed that you ought to help whenever possible


      I am a sperm donor because I am a dad myself and I want to help people who can’t have children without help


      Who are the donors?

      The Cryos sperm donors are very different from each other. One is a hard-working IT consultant, another a family man, a University student or someone who is taking time off to figure out, what he wants to dedicate his life to. There are men who are into sports, and others who play music. Men who love cooking, travelling, or trading stocks. Common to all is the wish to help others achieve their dream of a child. 


      Facts about cryos sperm donors

      • 18 to 45 years old
      • Physically healthy and mentally strong
      • More than 50% are in a relationship
      • Almost 50% have or are obtaining a higher education
      • 50% have full-time jobs or are self-employed
      • 50% are also blood donors (there is no compensation for blood donors in DK



      Where are the donors from?

      The sperm donations take place at our four departments in Denmark. Therefore, most of our donors are Danish and reflect the population in Denmark. However, some of our donors are exchange students or others who are in Denmark for work or studies. This means that Cryos donors represent many different ethnicities and phenotypes as well as different looks and personalities. In our Sperm Donor Search you can use filters to see only Asian donors, donors with Italian ethnicity or red-haired donors, according to your preferences. If you are curious to know what the donors look like, you can buy access to see pictures of a selection of our ID Release donors with Extended Profiles as adults. 


      How we select the sperm donors

      Prior to becoming a Cryos sperm donor, the applicants go through an extensive selection process. In the end, only 5-10 % of the applicants are accepted as donors. Here, we have illustrated a simplified version of the process from the initial application to being accepted as a sperm donor:

      • The donor candidate fills out an application form and sends it to Cryos
      • The donor’s sperm quality is tested
      • The donor candidate completes a medical and family history questionnaire
      • Healthcare professionals review the questionnaire with the sperm donor candidate and perform a psychological evaluation
      • The donor candidate undergoes a clinical examination and screening for infectious and hereditary diseases
      • Finally, about 5-10% of the donor candidates are accepted as Cryos sperm donors

      Read more about sperm donation at Cryos and how the donors are chosen here.



      Would you like to know more about the donors?

      In our online Donor Search you can see all donors available to you. If you prefer to know about the donor’s studies, interests, or motivation, you can have a look at our Extended Profiles that include this information provided by the donor himself. In addition, some of our ID Release donors with Extended Profiles have agreed to provide pictures of themselves as adults, so you can see what the donor looks like as adult. To see these photos, you must buy access to Adult Photos through our Sperm Donor Search.

      If you want to learn more on the proces of buying sperm, we recommend you to follow the link to our blog post regarding the subject.

      You can also read this blog post about the motivations of our sperm donors, where we have interviewed three donors about their choice to become sperm donors at Cryos.

      Frequently asked questions about our sperm donors