PrivateFor parentsLearnings from donor-conceived people

    Learnings from donor-conceived people

    As parents, we want to know and understand the thoughts and feelings of our children to help and support them in the best possible way. Learn more about donor-conceived children through personal stories and findings from family research studies.

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    Donor-conceived child doing well in alternative family structure
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    If it had been possible, I think that I would have liked to have met him. But since it was only anonymous donors back then, and therefore it has never been an option, I have not spent a lot of time considering it.

    Uffe (48)
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    The fact that I know I came into the world with the help of a donor, and moreover that my parents have told me about the whole process and have been open about it, has given me, if even possible, a closer relationship with them.

    Fredrik (31)
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