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    Testimonials from parents

    Below you can read the comforting and heartwarming messages from a few of those who have gone through the process of choosing a Cryos donor – and who are now happy parents to beautiful children.

      At Cryos, our most important job is to help you go from baby dream to dream baby. We are here to assist and support you along the way, and we celebrate when the dream of a child becomes true. That is why we are so grateful every time we receive a message from happy parents sharing their joy with us.


      We cannot thank Cryos enough for allowing us to bring our little treasure into the world. Thank you to our kind donor. Thanks to Cryos customer Care who took care of us with professionalism and kindness. Our little boy is pure happiness and full of energy - he makes us smile every day.

      Charlotte and Sonia

      Thank you to Cryos International for making this life changing event of having my baby, wonderful and stress free. I chose Cryos for many reasons, the main one being absolute access to all their donors and the amount of information provided. If I had any questions they were always answered promptly and the entire process from selection to having the nitrogen tank sent all the way to South Africa went smoothly. I would only recommend Cryos to anyone embarking on this journey. I had a beautiful (of course) baby boy in June thanks to Cryos. Thank you to everyone involved.

      South Africa

      My wife and I tried to have assisted pregnancy for nearly 5 years (7 attempts) - all of them in vain. Then we decided to look for a donor. With the donation the treatment was successful and we received a very cute little princess in January 2020. We are sharing our story to express our warm feelings toward our donor and Cryos and to encourage more people to be open for this kind of help. We can’t express how happy we are. Thank you, thank you, thank you!


      Thank you to Cryos and to my lovely donor for the beautiful gift of my daughter, Freya. I am so grateful to you for helping me achieve my dream of being a mum. As a single woman it would have been impossible without your help. Your service was impeccable and everyone has been so friendly and helpful at a life-changing time for me when I naturally had a lot on my mind. The level of information in the extended profiles is fantastic and the charges are fair compared to other banks that I approached. I would recommend Cryos to anybody in need of a donor. To any single ladies thinking of taking the plunge, don't hesitate, just get on with it! Freya has completed my life and brought such joy to my parents and sister.


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      Are you a happy parent using a Cryos sperm donor? We would love to hear your story or thoughts about the process of purchasing donor sperm at Cryos. Send us an email at [email protected] with the subject ‘Cryos testimonial’.

      Watch our Customer Care Consultants read heartwarming messages from happy parents:


      We are a same sex couple from the UK, and have always dreamed of having a family.  After just two attempts using a Cryos donor we fell pregnant with our little boy and were over the moon (...). He is the happiest, healthiest little guy and we couldn’t be happier.


      Dear Cryos. Thank you for your meticulous care and professionalism. You have enabled me to have the best gift I could ask for. She is healthy, bright and loving and I treasure her. Thank you again.


      I just wanted to say thank you to yourselves and my donor as 3 weeks ago I became a Mum with my miracle baby! I was told I would never conceive naturally but I decided to ignore that advice and used Cryos and I fell pregnant with my gorgeous boy Noah!  Thank you again, you have changed my world for the better and given me the best little baby I could ever ask for. I am so happy with your company and service I received and for all the help you gave me along the way if I asked any questions.  My little boy is my dream come true.


      My experience with Cryos has been excellent since the beginning. The staff in Denmark and Spain have always been attentive and helpful, answering my thousand questions (either via email or phone) and giving me extra and very useful information. To have a place where you can choose some features of the donor is extremely important for many women and couples, and a place like Cryos with detailed information is very welcome.


      We are thrilled and very proud to announce that we welcomed into the world our wonderful baby daughter Helena. She is healthy, beautiful and truly extraordinary, and she has filled our home with joy and love. We would like to say thank you to Cryos for making this dream of ours a reality and we wish to express our gratitude to the Donor for his invaluable contribution to the growth of our family. Cryos has been professional, helpful and very well-organised, and we would recommend them to anyone. We wish the best of luck to all the hopeful moms and dads out there and keep our fingers crossed that they too can soon fulfil their dream of parenthood.

      Agnieszka & Magdalena


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