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    Testimonials from parents

    Below you can read the comforting and heartwarming messages from a few of those who have gone through the process of choosing a Cryos donor – and who are now happy parents to beautiful children.

      At Cryos, our most important job is to help you go from baby dream to dream baby. We are here to assist and support you along the way, and we celebrate when the dream of a child becomes true. That is why we are so grateful every time we receive a message from happy parents sharing their joy with us.

      Testimonials from Single Mothers by Choice

      More than half of our customers are single women embarking on the journey towards single motherhood - and we are proud to be a part of their journey. You can read some of the many heartfelt and thankful messages we receive from women we have helped become Single Mothers by Choice below.

      Testimonials from lesbian parents

      Cryos is an LGBT+ friendly sperm bank, and about 35% of the people we help are lesbian couples trying to conceive with donor sperm. We are honoured to receive many messages from thankful lesbian couples who used donor sperm to become parents. Read some of the messages we have received below.

      Testimonials from heterosexual couples experiencing infertility

      Heterosexual couples using donor sperm to become parents have often been through an emotional rollercoaster ride with many ups and downs. Hearing from them with positive news is just as joyful every single time. Read some of the messages we have received from heterosexual couples suffering from infertility below.

      Share your story with us

      Are you a happy parent using a Cryos sperm donor? We would love to hear your story or thoughts about the process of purchasing donor sperm at Cryos. Send us an email at [email protected] with the subject ‘Cryos testimonial’.

      Find more pictures and personal stories

      If you would like to know more about others’ experiences with fertility treatment, sperm donors and Cryos, we invite you to join our Facebook group called Family Dreams. There, you will find more baby photos and stories from happy parents, as well as comfort, cheering and understanding of others who are or have been going through fertility treatment.

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