Donor exclusivity

    Donor exclusivity gives you a unique chance to choose a donor whose sperm donations with Cryos have not been used for other children.

      What is donor exclusivity?

      An ordinary donor with Cryos can be the donor for children in more than one family. However, some families want to use a donor who is not the donor for other donor-conceived children. We therefore offer the option of buying Donor Exclusivity, which means that only you, and your partner if you have one, are able to have a child with the help of that donor’s sperm donations distributed from Cryos.


      Woman searching for an exclusive sperm donor for use in only one family

      If there are no others who have bought sperm from a donor, it is possible to buy the sperm that donor with what is called donor exclusivity. The exclusive donors are marked with gold and ‘Exclusive’ in the Sperm Donor search. They can be found by filtering the Donor Search and choosing "Exclusive" in the drop-down “Profile Type”.

      Prices for sperm donors with donor exclusivity

      If you want to buy a donor with donor exclusivity, you have to make a one-off payment. In addition, you must pay for all the sperm straws in stock from the donor in question. See our current Sperm Bank prices and payment.

      If you have found a donor with donor exclusivity whom you are interested in buying, you must contact our Customer Care Team. They will be ready to answer all your questions, give you the final price for the donor, and help you through the purchase process.

      It is not possible to place donor sperm from an exclusive donor in your shopping basket. Our Customer Care will help you do it.

      Frequently asked questions about Donor Exclusivity