Genetic Matching

    Even though we are healthy and well, we are all carriers of some genetic diseases. With a Genetic Matching test you can get to know if your sperm donor is a “good match” in combination with your genes, and thereby reduce the risk of your future child developing severe recessive diseases.

    When a child inherits a genetic disease oftentimes it is because there are errors – also called mutations – in the same genes of both the woman and the man. To make you feel more calm and secure about your choice of donor, we offer to match your genes up against the donor’s. Performing a Genetic Matching test minimizes the risk of having a child with a serious recessive disease.

    Choosing Genetic Matching of you and your Cryos sperm donor reduces the risk of your child being predisposed to a serious recessive disease.

    Two kinds of Genetic Matching – incl. match guarantee 

    We offer you two kinds of Genetic Matching tests. No matter which one of these solutions you choose, we guarantee a match between you and a sperm donor who is genetically compatible to you. This means that if there is a no-match between you and the chosen donor, you can choose a new donor who we will match up against your genes. We will continue this process, until you have a match with a sperm donor.  

    Panel Matching – Match your genes up against the sperm donor’s 

    The Panel Matching test is for you who would like to get a broad and general genetic matching. With Genetic Panel Matching we will match more than 300 of your genes – the ones with the highest risk of causing a serious disease – up against the genes of the sperm donor you have chosen. To do this, all we need from you is a saliva sample that you make at home with a kit you receive from us.

    Single Gene Matching – Get to know if the sperm donor also carries that one mutation 

    The Single Gene Matching test is for you who already know that you carry a specific genetic mutation and want to be sure that the sperm donor you choose does not. In most cases you will know about the mutation from a genetic screening process performed by your doctor or fertility clinic.

    How to get started with Genetic Matching 

    IMPORTANT: If you are interested in ordering one of our two Genetic Matching tests, please contact our Customer Care. They will inform you which donors are ready for Genetic Matching. You can see the prices of donor sperm and our Genetic Matching services here. 

    When you have chosen your sperm donor, you are ready to make the order on Cryos’ website. The process of making an order with Genetic Matching is very similar to a regular order. However, there are some differences that you need to be aware of when you are going through the checkout process. These are:

    1. When you have chosen the donor in the Sperm Donor Search, place the amount of straws that you would like in the basket as you would do in a regular order. When choosing Genetic Matching, we recommend that you buy a minimum of 3 sperm straws, to make sure that the straws are not sold out while we are conducting the Genetic Matching. Note that we also recommend you to reserve extra straws for potential future siblings.  

    2. To add Genetic Matching to the order, write ‘Genetic Matching Panel Matching’ or Genetic Matching Single Gene Matching’ in the ‘Remarks’ field.  

    3. When choosing the shipping date, please choose the latest day possible. 

    4. When choosing the payment method, please choose ‘Payment by bank transfer’. 

    When we receive your order, you will be contacted by one of our Customer Care Consultants who will send you the payment details for the Genetic Matching service you have chosen and subsequently for the order.  

    Please remember to indicate the order ID when making the payment. You will find your order ID in the headline in the confirmation email you receive shortly after submitting the order  

    If you choose the Panel Matching, the saliva test kit will be sent to you as soon as we have received your payment. Please be aware that a bank transfer might take up to 3 working days before it reaches our account.  

    Genetic Matching saliva kit

    The process after you have ordered Genetic Matching 

    The process after ordering Genetic Matching differs pending on which service you have chosen: 

    After ordering a Panel Matching test

    When ordering the test “Panel Matching”, you will receive a test kit to make a saliva sample by mail. Simply make the sample and send it to our cooperating partners at Igenomix with the accompanying packaging and shipping label.

    Within approximately 6 weeks, our Customer Care team will contact you with the result and you will receive the test result documentation via email.  

    After ordering Single Gene Matching 

    When ordering the solution “Single Gene Matching”, please provide us with the information about the genetic mutation that you are carrying. You will be contacted by our Customer Care Team who will guide you through this process.  

    Within approximately 6 weeks, our Customer Care will contact you with the result and you will receive the test result documentation on email.  

    The result: A match or a no-match 

    No matter which Genetic Matching service you choose, the result you get will either be that there is a ‘match’ or a ‘no-match’. If there is a ‘no-match’ you can, free of charge, choose a new donor. Please contact Customer Care and they will help you find a donor that is ready for Genetic Matching.  

    When you have chosen a new donor, we will perform a new Genetic Matching test. We will continue until you have a match with a donor so that you can continue your fertility journey.  


    Even though we conduct a matching between you and your chosen donor, we cannot eliminate the risk of the child developing a genetic disease. Not all inheritable diseases can be identified when conducting a matching, and new or unknown mutations cannot always be identified using matching either. 

    If you have questions about the process of ordering Genetic Matching, the results, or anything else, please contact our Customer Care: 

    • Call us on +45 8676 0699 
    • Send us an email via [email protected] 
    • Write to us in the chat on our website, or  
    • Book a call at a time that is convenient for you.  

    We look forward to helping you find your match.