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    Donor profiles with adult photos

    Get the full picture of your future sperm donor with adult photos.

    Have you ever wondered what the Cryos sperm donors look like as adults? In our donor search you can find selected donors who have professional adult photos attached to their extended donor profile.


    Cryos sperm donor with photos of him as an adult

    Please note that the person in the photo above is a model and not a Cryos donor

    Looking for a donor who looks like you or your partner?

    We know that many people have preferences with regard to their donor’s physical appearance. For example, in the case of wanting to find a sperm donor who shares the same fundamental traits as either you or your partner.

    All donors with adult photos also have an extended profile including a questionnaire, child photo, handwritten message, voice recording and an emotional intelligence profile. They are all ID Release donors, which means that your child will have the opportunity to contact the donor at a later stage in life.

    Professional photos of the sperm donors

    The Cryos donors with available adult photos have 5-6 colour photos attached to their donor profile. A professional photographer has taken the photos, and the high quality of the photos allows you to identify the donors’ physical traits closely.

    Access to sperm donor adult photos

    • You can access the donors with adult photos in the donor search. By ticking “yes” in the drop down menu “Adult photos”, you will see the complete selection of donors with adult photos available.
    • To view adult photos of the sperm donors, you must buy access. This access allows you to see all adult photos available at the time. Access lasts for 3 months and costs EUR 200 excl. VAT. To buy access, go to a donor profile with adult photos available, and click on "Buy access" under Photos.

    New donors with adult photos will be added

    A selection of the Cryos sperm donors will have adult photos available in their profile. New donors with adult photos will continuously be added to the donor search. To see how many donors with adult photos that are currently available, please use the donor search and narrow your search to adult photos.

    Note that donors who are already shown on our website with an ordinary Extended Profile will never have adult photos added to their profiles later. So if you have bought a straw from a donor without adult photos, there will never be any adult photos added to his profile.

    Search for donor profiles with adult photos here.