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    Sperm donors with Adult Photos

    Cryos offers you the opportunity to see pictures of sperm donors as adults. This might be the right option for you if the donor’s physical appearance is important to you, or if you want to give your child as much information about the donor as possible.

    Would you like to see photos of your sperm donor as an adult before making your final choice?
    Besides a family history without illnesses, the donor’s physical appearance is the most important factor when choosing a donor, according to our clients.


    Sperm donor profiles with donor pictures as an adult

    All our Extended Donor Profiles contain free access to child photos of the sperm donors, which gives you an idea of his physical traits. In addition, some of our sperm donors have professional Adult Photos attached to their Extended Donor Profile, so you can see how the sperm donor looks like.


    “The photos of the donors as children are a plus, but the photos of the donors as adults give you a more concrete and real impression. It brought me a personal feeling, which I think is also important in this particular choice. In addition, I personally want to be able to provide as much information as possible to my future child, if it comes to be important for her later. And then in life, it is normal to choose your partner, so why should it be different for this important choice?””


    Why choose a sperm donor with pictures of him as an adult?

    There are several reasons why choosing a sperm donor profile with pictures of the donor as an adult could be a good option, including:

    1. You want your child to resemble yourself or your partner. In that case, photos of the donor as an adult give you a better opportunity to choose someone, who carries the same physical traits.
    2. You prefer to know what physical traits might be passed on to your child. Choosing a sperm donor can be a little overwhelming and scary. Knowing what the donor looks like might remove some of the insecurities and help you feel more secure in your choice.
    3. You want to be able to provide your child with as much information as possible about the donor.

    5-6 professional photos of the sperm donor

    A sperm donor with Adult Photos means that there are 5-6 colour photos available of the sperm donor as an adult. The photos are professional and of high quality, which allows you to closely examine the donor’s physical traits.
    All of Cryos’ donors with adult pictures have an Extended Profile including a questionnaire, child photo, handwritten message, voice recording and an emotional intelligence profile. Furthermore, they are all ID Release donors, which means that your child will have the opportunity to access identifying information about the donor at a later stage in life.


    “The option of adult photos was incredibly important in my search for a donor. I was disheartened by how few sites even offer the option of adult photos - a lot of them being blurry headshots. Cryos' platform clearly stood out as offering a well-rounded profile of donors. The photos are professionally done and help to give a sense of the donors' personality - in how they hold themselves and engage with the camera”


    See our sperm donors with Adult Photos

    You can find the donors with photos in our donor search. Filter the results by ticking “yes” in the drop-down menu “Adult Photos”, and you will see the complete selection of sperm donors with Adult Photos available.
    Search for donor profiles with Adult Photos here.

    Buy access to Adult Photos

    To view photos of the sperm donors as adults, you must buy access. The access allows you to see all Adult Photos available at the time. The access lasts for 3 months and costs EUR 200 excl. VAT. To buy access, go to a donor profile with Adult Photos available, and click on "Buy access" under the Photos-section.

    To see how many donors with pictures are currently available, please use the donor search and narrow your search to Adult Photos.

    Could Adult Photos be added later? 

    Adult Photos will be available in the donor profile from the moment the donor’s sperm is released for sale. This means that donors who are already shown on our website with an ordinary Extended Profile will not have photos added to their profile later on. In other words, if you have bought a straw from a donor without Adult Photos, there will never be any donor pictures added to his profile.